Bluetooth Radio Install In The 1997 Saturn SL2

Bluetooth Radio Install In The 1997 Saturn SL2

In this video I install the cheapest bluetooth radio into my 1997 Saturn SL2. My Saturn already had an aftermarket radio, which made swapping to another aftermarket radio much simpler, and cheaper. I originally was just going to throw in an aux radio I have lying around, but a bluetooth radio for $20… you can’t beat that.



@Capt_Horace4819 says:

Which radio is this? Im looking to replace my unit

@user-xt6uj4wm5h says:

Not sure what I’m missing, I tried installing the same radio into my Saturn sl2 with the same wiring mount, but after soldering the wires and connecting it nothing happens. My old radio will still work so it has to be an issue with the stuff I’m installing. Any tips on how to fix it would help

@sawsbone7303 says:

this video is a blessing! just bought a similar 1996 saturn sl1 and the stock unit is junk! excited to replace it

@jimcabezola3051 says:

I’ve LOVED doing this process on my cars and other people’s cars. I learned to solder in-car using a butane-fired soldering iron from Radio Shack. My Prius told me that my game was over, though. That 2001 radio (which was utter garbage) was so integrated with the rest of the car’s systems that I risked destroying the computer interface in the dashboard. Adding a AUX jack (the stupid in-car CD player skipped a lot and didn’t even play CD-ROMs with MP3s on them) required a custom chip set and wiring loom sold by some guy on the internet. That made messing with cars rather dull in terms of in-car entertainment. Even the speakers in that car totally sucked. It was almost a blessing when that guy plowed into my car when I was stopped for a left turn. He put me out of my crappy-stereo misery. Please…enjoy your tunes in safety! Aloha!

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