2007 Saturn Vue 3.5 v6 (honda engine) timing belt and water pump replace

2007 Saturn Vue 3.5 v6 (honda engine) timing belt and water pump replace

Go through the steps of replacing timing belt and water pump on a honda v6 3.5 engine thats in this Vue.



John K says:

Very helpful man! I have this exact car…idk if its ever been done, but it looks pretty easy to me. Thanks for the vid 🙂

John Clegg says:

I hate listening to this guys mundane voice.

J Selby says:

Should I do the valve lash and spark plugs at this time, or is it safer to separate those two jobs (being DIY person).

richard fellmeth says:

What’s the hours (time) to complete?

billy illy says:

What timing belt kit did you use for this video ?

a churchill says:

What is the torque when tightening the crank pulley bolt?

Wolf 12303 says:

Wow sounds terrible at the end of video. I just did one and the same motor purred like a kitten.

Abdoulah Savage says:

Awesome video keep up the good work.

J Selby says:

What brand of timing belt and water pump kit do you recommend?

KoiRun says:

How many people saved this under favourites? ❤️

Leonel Carbajal says:

como acomodo los arboles si se me revento la banda, se pueden poner en diferente posicion los engrane de los arboles es que alguien mas hizo el trabajo y ya puse a tiempo y no funciona bien

B Abe says:

Can I do this without a lift?

North Shore Razors says:

I really screwed-up and took the belt off before TDC need some help on what to do to fix it before installing new belt thank!

Joshua Noel says:

Can anyone replace my water pump I dont have a place to do it and a shop wants way too much. I'm already replaced the rear axle and the rear brake system

rc_farmer48 says:

Great video. I have almost 400,000 on my 2006 Vue 2.2, I think it may be getting time to change some of these things. Except for the transmission, its still all original.

Tony Todd says:

As a mechanical engineering person if your at the the oil pump why not change it to

Tim Worthen says:

I am going to replace my timing belt kit hopefully in the next few weeks. I don't have an impact drill, would I be able to take the harmonic balancer off with a breaker bar? Is there room to use a breaker bar on it? Thanks this video is the best I've seen showing how to do this. I really appreciate it.

Last man standing says:

That socket and the gun prolly paid for itself already lol

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