2003 Saturn Vue Sunroof Leak Fix

2003 Saturn Vue Sunroof Leak Fix

My 03 Vue’s passenger side floor was soaking wet after every rain and snow and I finally was able to diagnose and fix the problem. All sunroofs have drain hoses, and one of mine had been disconnected for a long time causing water damage to the interior of my car. On top of that, the reason the hose was not connected was because it was no longer long enough to reach the drain valve(probably caught up somewhere else in the car that is inaccessible to me right now). With a 3/8 coupling and two extra inches of plastic tube, I was able to finally fix my Saturn sunroof drain from leaking in the car. I hope this poorly edited, last second idea video can help someone out there who’s having the same problem. Thanks for watching!



Tara Knight says:

So from a mechanic friend of mine, the years of hot and cold weather causes tubing to expand and shrink until it tends to shorten the tube. My 2004 has that issue on both sides. Thank you for this video! Very informative. Would have like to read that receipt for the size though.

Georgina Budney says:

I am experiencing the same problem. I park my car right under the trees and this is the problem. My Saturn Vue has absolutely no major problems but it’s always the little things that will get you. My hatchback had to have the lifts replaced. But that Honda engine runs like a champ. Always gets it oil change and car always takes care of me.

D. Ash says:

Saved my ass. Thanks

KSBC6499 says:

Had the exact same thing too..2005 Vue. This video saved me so much hassle..I had no idea about drain holes and drain lines. THANK YOU!!

ricaard says:

Sounds like that mountain town is affecting your ability to breathe!


Thank you had same issue for 3years 06 vue it fit perfect 3/8 coupling and the toilet pipe

Trinity Elise says:

Wow. You are the man! This is about to save me so much time and money! I was going to try to replace seals/ gaskets… I knew it was the sunroof but didn’t know why and was going to attempt the project. Thank you! I appreciate it much!

Sierra Mower says:

My '03 vue has the same issue, leaking in the same exact spot on the visor onto the passenger floor. It's to the point where the water has gotten into the wiring underneath that carpet and it's making my security alarm beep every hour if the doors are locked, and the doors rapidly lock and unlock again and again while driving. I will definitely be giving this a try! Thank you!

ronwabo says:

R.I.P. Saturn Vue, you deserved better!

nadaki says:

Thanks for making this. It helped me.cheers

Gary Standiford says:

Thanks for posting this but some parts of the video could have been better. There were points where I couldn't see what you were explaining because of where you were pointing the camera. I'm mechanically inclined so should be able to figure it out but some folks may need more.

Thomas Hussey says:

Thank you so much for the fix. Like you, this was confusing me as to where the water was entering the passenger side. Much appreciated video!

FFX shelter cat room says:

Watched your video and fixed my 2005 Vue leak, thank you!!!

Josh says:

I have been experiencing the same issue with my Saturn Vue 2003, I came across this video. Thank you for making this video as I will try it myself as well to fix it and hopefully this is the reason why on the passenger side it's soaking wet.

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