1992 Saturn Fuel Pump Replacement

1992 Saturn Fuel Pump Replacement

Replacing the fuel pump in my 1992 Saturn SL1.



John Reese says:

I am facing this exact operation so, this gave me some good insight.

LeBronda James says:

Is there an electric fuel pump inside the assembly?

Trials and Tribulations says:

Was yours from Autozone the Delphi unit

You should remove the hoses first before removing fuel pump itself.

I have a 2001 Sc2 am going to be doing this very soon. My pump still works can hear prime but I always had to put my foot to start it.

Dorifto Kun! says:

Mine didn't come with the checkball

Wesley James says:

Does the 90-91 saturn sl have the access underneath rear seat?

Shawn Crowson says:

This is the same process on a 94 Saturn SC1.

Erik Arevalo says:

Is this the same process for a 93 Saturn sl1??????

Kenneth Schaaf says:

Once the rust starts their isn't much you can do about it. Yeah, with steel body panels this is certainly a problem. WIth a Saturn you can do effective corrosion control and every time I pull something off like this I get at least some heavy grease back there. Just did an engine swap on my SW2, replacing all critical components and soon it will be ready for another few years of reliable road trips. Yeah, it has a 5 speed stick.

Jose Torres says:

What size sucke thank you

Buick Mackane says:

I believe the purpose of the check ball is to prevent fuel leakage in the event of a rollover.

Snow Flake says:

I have the same car with a bad fuel pump, im gonna cheat and cut a hole through the backseat.

Dan Pettis says:

I know the car is old but you always always want to wash out the tank. The sediment can burn out a burn out a pump

Plastic Rocket says:

I am going to be doing this for my 1999 SC1 and i just bought some 21 inch max lift jackstands. Let's hope that will work out for me. Doesnt seem to be much too different here from my '99 and the '92 model year supposedly has alot of stuff different from the others.

Raffi Tchakmakjian says:

and there go my reference monitors @25:22

Shawn B says:

I hate internal in gas tank fuel pumps

Dave Thompson says:

your lucky to survive

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