This $4 Part Can Make Your Saab 9-3 Look Better!

This $4 Part Can Make Your Saab 9-3 Look Better!

In today’s video I discuss and install a $4 change or mod for the taillights of my Saab 9-3 that helps make them more symmetrical. Who else has done this? Comment down below!


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The Farra says:

Where did you buy youre rear lower bumper valance and exhause tips

o IExcision says:

Wait so they come without a bulb, these are fog lights right? My 9-3 only has 1 on left side so if I put a red 1 in both will work as rear fog lights?

K 2 says:

Did this with my pre facelift 93 but had no wiring for the second fog? Is that normal lol

fimbulvinter says:

Hey, I just lost the plastic covering the lamps on the right side (or rather that one lamp apparently…). Can I just get that plastic part used and pop it in or do I need the whole thing replaced?

TragestyX says:

You got an awesome looking car. I just got my first Saab. A 2004 9-3 Arc Convertible. Looking forward to making it nice.

Haans5010 says:

damn it. I thought my 93 looked good. now it won't till I fix it haah

Jeremy Czarniak says:

The missing wire on my passenger side rear fog light makes totally sense now. I didn't realize until this video that Saab had intended it that way. I live in Mi and winters are very dark here. So I ran new wire to the other side and after changing out both sockets, I added clear bulbs. I only turn it on for backup assistance. 06 9-3 Convertible.

Benjamin Buchanan says:

Is there anywhere I can get those little screws for the trunk you were showing around 5:10 ??

John Dolkart, Jr. says:

The reason there is only one bulb is because the rear fog light only functions as a beacon, not an indicator. If you have ever followed an Audi in the fog you will know what I am talking about. With bulbs on both sides of the tail-light assembly illuminated, it is very hard to distinguish between rear brake lights and rear fog lights, this is why Saab only provides one bulb. Given that you are in Arizona and fog is likely not often encountered this shouldn't be an issue.

MDD says:

Thanks for the fog light tip , works a treat on my 1.8t in GB . I would like a turbo X but insurance and annual car tax here is silly money . All the best .

Austin Vitoux says:

You should see the 9-5 bulb placement…
Left side: 1 Fog light
Right side: 1 Reverse Light
You know how many people I have to tell that come up to my car and say "You have a light out" that I only have one reverse light installed on the car? Like 2, but still… I love SAAB quirks like that.

E. S503 says:

And there are mirror tinted brake and turn signal bulbs dumb dum

Cyclone Cyd says:

Here in the UK these clear lights are known as 'iceblocks' and people with 02-07 9-3s fall over themselves to buy 2ndhand ones for their cars, paying as much as £200 a set.
I don't get it myself, I dislike those iceblocks because you can see that red shadow through the lenses. My 9-3 is an 07 and I've blacked out the edges and used silvered bulbs in the reverse and indicator positions (see here at 1:30,
All the same, nice idea making both sides look the same.

Michael Johnson says:

My ice blocks came with two foglights… I'm wondering if that's only for the UK spec.

D. L. says:

Anyone know if it’s the same on a combi?

Dyson Williams says:

Omg i really have to buy this now wtfff lol

zerofuchs given says:

Dude, I wish I had just a few of your old mods from the aero. I'd love to mod my aero 9-3.

Zach Hall says:

Also tinting the tail lights make it look 1000x better

Alexander Nilsson says:

I did not even know about this, so illogical that they did not feature this from scratch.

Loick L says:

I have 2 bulbs on my European sportcombi 9-3


in EUROPE it is OK to have left and right rear fog lights.
In USA it is not permitted because Americans are too stupid and mistake them as brake lights.

About the third paragraph down

Noel Richetti says:

What’s the reason for only having a fog light on one side of the car ? Is it something Swedish ??

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