Saab 96: How To Repair and Replace A Windscreen | Wheeler Dealers

Saab 96: How To Repair and Replace A Windscreen | Wheeler Dealers

Ant Anstead shows you how to repair and replace a windscreen for the Saab 96.

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Jouni Nieminen says:

Amazing. I need a new windscreen too on my -76 saab 96

Stephen M says:

This was so good on the TV, that I searched on YouTube just to see it again!! What an incredible skill set that guy has, you could even tell Ant was impressed, and he had quite a few skills himself!

fossman35 says:

Fantastic craftsmanship. But I feel a little jilted since no one showed the 'cord' method of installing the glass over the pinch-weld opening.

Joshua Isaac Yasharahla says:

Yes Thank you! I'm learning so much!

Robert Hart says:

Im a 5 time Saab owner. My current is a 2004 9-5 Linear Estate, that I purchased in 2008 with ~85,000 miles on her.

EggShell SkullRule says:

Like a genius!!!! Unthinkable!

Gordon Clark says:

That was unbelievable seeing the glass cutting expertise of the windscreen maker.

Restoration Obsession says:

Weird looking car, but VERY cool!!!

ハシーブˑ アクラム says:

Eddie Kotto is a legend! I didn't know he'd been on Wheeler Dealers. A pleasure to watch this man work.

abchaplin says:

Now that is craftsmanship!

DrewSavo says:

However much they paid that man to do the glass, it’s totally worth it just to see that stunning skill set.
This is what I like about this show: they promote small companies that do amazing work.

dapur mungil88 says:

This absolutely amazing. It looks so easy when you are doing it by your hands. What a man!

Ferdinand Östh says:

I hade 2 Saab 96. My first was from 1977 and my second was from 1975. Saab 96 it's a very good winter car and a rally car.

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