Saab 9-3 Quick Fix – Center Armrest Replacement

Saab 9-3 Quick Fix – Center Armrest Replacement

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Gorka Garro says:

Donde has comprado esa pieza ?

Raymond Della Donna says:

Hey man, i just bought a 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T and am trying to find aftermarket parts for it (cold air intake, LED lights) as well as changing the stereo head unit out and speakers. I also live in Phoenix and was wondering if you have suggestions or place in the valley to get these parts. Thanks!!

otlup says:

unrelated question. i've owned 3 Saabs love them for sure! my question is how can you acuratly check your oil level? the black end on the dipstick makes it hard for my old eyes to see lol.

MassiveTrackHunter says:

Those rims and that fresh paint look great. Still the best rims imho

Gabriel H Kihlberg says:

sooo i live in sweden and people have seen saab cars driving between cones by them self and also a saab aero x but the aero x is at the same time in the saabs museum?

A says:

Nice video and fix. Where did you source the replacement?

K Edwards says:

Nice. Those 60th anniversary seats still look great too

cinrambrad says:

I like the quick-fix series, but it is always nice to have you onscreen for at least 10 minutes……………

Steffen Alphei says:

I want to change my fixed armrest to one that can be pushed forward like in your video. I could get one cheap but it’s fabric not leather. Does anybody know if the top part can be swapped between the two versions? Then I could get the cheap adjustable one and put my leather top on it.

paul sehstedt says:

Will also work on my 9-3 MY2000. But do you have any clue, how the temperature regulator is working on the manual climate control??? It's blocked on my 9-3 and the heat is on all time long. And I'm not freezing?

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