Saab 9-3 Coolant Tee Aluminium Replacement | Saab 9-3 Common problems

Saab 9-3 Coolant Tee Aluminium Replacement | Saab 9-3 Common problems

High on any Saab 9-3 common problems list is Saab 9-3 coolant tee aluminium replacement fitting. If you have a Saab 9-3 2.0t, this is certain to affect you eventually.
📽 Saab 9-3 HVAC reset:

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🛠 Replacement coolant tees available from (click the link for your region):
US & Can:
email me if your region is not above (email in ‘about’)

🛠 HOSE CLAMPS: it turns out it’s not as easy as I thought to get hose clamps individually. However, here is a listing for stainless steel ‘jubilee’ (worm drive) type clamps in a variety of sizes with worldwide delivery. For this job, order 1x 16-25mm and 2x 21-44mm sizes (add each size to basket).

0:00 Saab 9-3 coolant tee fitting
0:22 If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?
0:37 Should I change my coolant tee?
0:56 yes definitely absolutely
1:51 what is oem lifetime?
2:12 out in the real world
2:25 how long will it take
2:39 failure mode avoidance
3:13 preparation
3:56 Saab 9-3 coolant tee removal
4:56 Saab 9-3 coolant tee replacement
5:24 uh oh, it was already broken
6:05 cut a new end on the pipe
6:18 new clips
7:12 coolant refill
7:57 start up & check for leaks
8:07 how to dispose of old coolant

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guitarlover302 says:

Hi where do you get these from please ? Thanks

James Vetter says:

Where do you find a aluminum tee?

riotagus says:

Is it the same for the diesel ones?

J A says:

Help! Issues with the turbo boost pressure valve. I’m having acceleration issues when the meter tries to go in the red.

Hampus Lindström says:

I will buy one from you soon. Going to install a bigger and better alu intercooler from DO88 very soon in my ng9-3 MY04.

Paul says:

Got mine today, another job to add to the list.

Brant Stifler says:

Now my 2001 93 has code p1110 and p3123. Turbo Presure release and after market direct ignition and plugs.. .almost 500 bucks to fix and its 50 50 im not quite sure

Brant Stifler says:

My 93 is 20 years old and the engine bay looks 100 times better, sorry m8

Adam Goulart says:

I can hear the balance chain tensioner is also broken on your engine. Bummer isn't it! Mine has the exact same problem.

Mongo Slade says:

Could always use a 2nd TEE. Had 2 replace mine's with another plastic one. Now that I now about the Aluminium one, will get it, just as a back up.

Yasir Muhammad says:

How many miles does you saab have?

McDonaldGC says:

I change this a few weeks ago the hose that comes from theside of the engine it was clogged and while cleaning oppss… Tut tu ru…. And they have saabs at the yard and ifound one who had a new T…. And the hoses and clamp i was nice…. It gets corroted … Nice video like always

Liam Unus says:

This is one of the first things I did when I got my car.

HNIC says:

Quick question, so I'm used to cars Temperature gauges reading at a bit below the halfway mark when it's fully warmed up. But for some reason this car's temp gauge goes all the way to the halfway marker when at normal operating temp. Is that a known issue with the '06 9-3's or just mine?

Lamster 66 says:

I'm not happy I've got a P0101 code
It appears the code is being set at high speed so its unlikely to be an air leak
I've replaced the Maf and that didn't work. Well it did for the test drive then failed on the way to work
I'm wonerding if the throttle body or something else might be causing it? .
Might be coincidence but the cabin fan has also stopped working too? last time multiple things started playing up like this it was the ECU. It'll be sold for spares if its that this time as the cars not worth as much as it was last time the ecu went wrong. Hope its something that can be easily repaired

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