Saab 9-3 ac fill and common problem with ac systems

Saab 9-3 ac fill and common problem with ac systems

This is the way I filled the air conditioning on Pats car is a 2004 saab 93 but should be about the same for just about any saab and the information is very universal to just about any air-conditioning system and common problem with just about every low side connection on any automobile I hope it’s helpful thank you very much for viewing.

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t lech says:

You actually need a Schrader valve replacement tool you can change the Schrader valve without losing the refrigerant it seals it off.

( R134a R12 Valve Core Remover Installer Replace High Low Side Schrader Valve Tool )

Google that phrase in it’ll take you right to the tool it’s very cheap and inexpensive
When you were pointing at the lines between high side and low side you must of gotten confused why you were making a video and you said the high side was the large line in the low side vapor was the small line. I make that mistake to when I making videos I don’t edit .

whatever happened to the procedure of recovering out all the refrigerant throwing it on a deep vacuum pump and then only adding refrigerant in by weight no guessing

Jay Morgan says:

2005 9-3, little green light inside which comes on with AC not coming on and neither is the AC. Climate is set to cold and outside temp display reads properly. Heater/ AC cabin fan working fine. Any ideas ? Thanks

Miguel PR says:

Everytime I turned off my ac I hear a clicking, then it stops after 5 seconds, also I’m getting hot air, is this the expansion valve or the compressor???

Un- Known says:

Just subed, my 9-5 the acc and fans inside just turn off while driveing what could this be pleasee and also the fans cone on full blast when I start her up ? Please any help would be greatly appreciated

DR. Smith says:

That's "schrader" not "shroeder " valve….oy vey…friggin youdouschers!

Scott Hardy says:

Schroder valve. 🙂

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