Rear Brake Pad & Disc Replacement [SAAB 900 Turbo] DIY Work and Rainy Drive

Rear Brake Pad & Disc Replacement [SAAB 900 Turbo] DIY Work and Rainy Drive

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【About vehicle】
Vehicle: SAAB 900 Turbo S
Model year: 1993
Engine: 2.0L turbo 16valve
Tire: Michelin Primacy 3
Camera: GoPro Hero 6 Black
Microphone: ZOOM H2N

車両:SAAB 900 turbo S
エンジン:2.0L ターボ 16バルブ
タイヤ:Michelin Primacy 3
カメラ:GoPro Hero 6 Black
マイク:ZOOM H2N

A car lover especially SAAB, based in Japan.
Born in 1991. Have an experience of oversea study in Lund, Sweden for 1 year.
Now I’m working in Investigation firm of the car industry in Tokyo.

In this channel, I will show and share the experiences through movies and binaural sound of SAAB 900 turbo. SAAB brand has been disappeared, however, I can show what it is like to own a SAAB, as long as I maintain well and drive it. That is a one of the missions for me to upload on YouTube.

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Sirhhenry says:

Great video! Good that you are doing your brakes yourself. I normally lube the contact points on the ends of each pad (t section) and the back that contacts the calipers pistons. This is to ensure smooth and quiet operation of the pads during braking.

Bjørn Breitzke says:

Don't worry – nobody can be a master from the beginning and there is enough reason for caution when working with brakes. You just motivated me to take another look at my rear brakes!

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