Is YOUR Saab 9-3 Heater fan NOT WORKING or SQUEALING | How to remove

Is YOUR Saab 9-3 Heater fan NOT WORKING or SQUEALING | How to remove

If your Saab 9-3 heater fan not working or squealing, then let me show you how to remove it for replacement or repair.
🎥 How to dry water from the cabin floor:

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📢 As promised here is a link to a Google Slides presentation with pictures of the motor and details of fixing positions

This exact same fan unit is fitted to Opel Vauxhall Vectra C and Signum. Both of these suffer the same water ingress issue as the 9-3 (though access through the cowl is slightly different)
🛠 New aftermarket fan and casing:
🛠 New aftermarket heater resistor/controller:
🛠 New complete assembly:

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Roy Huang says:

Dr. My glove box stuck shut. What can I do

TragestyX says:

Thank you sir. Good timing on this. Mine froze up again and the hand spinning has stopped being effective from the top. I will be wrapping this up soon. While we're here can you tell me where I can find good ingress through the firewall into the car for large wire? Haha thanks.

Aleksi Krivonozov says:

Excellent job, very until.

MisterTaoTao says:

genuinely the only video on YouTube that actually helps you replace the motor. from someone who watched them all, before you posted it. really great and tidy work mate, thanks a lot

Michael Mason says:

Excellent detailed and informative video, thanks very much for your help Cyd

colin logue says:

Good video I had a squeaky fan but it was not a dodgy fan (mine had already been replaced because of water ingress that had shorted out the motor). On closer investigation it was found to be a little furry friend that had used the filter as bedding and had made a bed in any fan. It had done a good job until I started the engine and turned his bed into a centrifuge. It did not stay long after that.

Carl Sundbaum says:

Great video! Thanks!

nick konar says:

Thank you for doing God's work! Saved me $150 and a lot of confusion/frustration.

shaun truran says:

Did this on my saab not too bad a job except remembering which way the vent pipe went back in, lots of head scratching.

Leon Hill says:

Cyd. You are my mate!. You didn't know it but you are!!. I gotta Saab, you gotta Saab, but you knows how to fix the Saabs and I don't. So if I need to find out how to fix something on my Saab, I give my mate a look up and more often than not, he knows exactly what the problem is and shows me how to fix it ( and chucks in a few how to stop that happenin' again tips ontop). Cyd,I watched your poor performing headlamp mod video to, cos mine are exactly like you described. I think I would like to have a go at it, but, I got 2 problems. 1. don't know where to get the replacement projectors like you got to make the hybrids and 2. my wife won't let me put the lamps in the oven to get the lense off. I been looking around for a cooker so I can cook the lights 🙁
Thanks for all your advice and help M8ty. Leon 🙂

Dan Högberg says:

Very helpful thank you.

Sid Racker Speed says:

Very good video !

Sid Racker Speed says:

Do you carry out repairs?

patrick Gyde says:

Good explained. Thanks

Robert Paulson says:

@04:48 that seems like a terrible design flaw. I can definitely see why coating those electrical connections with silicone dielectric grease would help mitigate damage to the fan electrical connections.

vini boy says:

I would like to thank you for this. My fan seized up after just 5 days of ownership. I wasn't''t going to let this problem put me off the car. I freed up the fan with WD40 spun it with my drill and it started to spin fine. Great tutorial and easy to follow.

21dolphin123 says:

quicker and easier to give it a thump and spray with 556 it probably doesn't need repairing

f296877 says:

Great video thanks

Juan M says:

greatest automobile do it yourself fixit video ever. clear, concise, complete and easy to understand. Once we get some warm weather, I will be doing this on my 2006 9-3 convertible. Thank you!

Robert Smith says:

hey there. I am in Canada, I have a saab 9-3 vector, and my fan has stopped working. I never had any intermittent working/not working phases and I never experienced the squeaking so I am positive it is the controller module. Have you any clue where one can be ordered?

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