Installing a Subwoofer in a Convertible Saab 9-3

Installing a Subwoofer in a Convertible Saab 9-3

This video shows where to place an infinite baffle subwoofer and assumes you know how to install an amp. Another video will follow showing the installation of an amp

0:00 Introduction
0:54 Convertible Challenges
1:50 Type of Subwoofer Needed
2:51 My Chosen Sub
3:15 Removing the Seat Backrest
4:23 Quick word on Subwoofer Sizes
4:56 Angle Grinder Time!
5:18 Sound Deadening
5:57 Fixing the Sub In Place
6:42 Afterthoughts



Gabi Manole says:

did the same, almost, today. still i manage not to cut from the panel. from where did you took the signal fir the amplifier? did you cut the wires which lead to front doors or did you use the signal from the rear panel speakers?

rick S says:

Hey Stuart, I’m looking to start this on my 08 actually it’s all apart now. Did you need to trim the rear seat backing to accommodate the 12 inch?

Adrian Diaper says:

What size sub is this

Kyler Mayfield says:

Could you make a video of how too put one on the 9-5

Jadakiss Kemp says:

Glad I found This hair turnt 15 and trynna pimp out my ride

BrysNightWorld says:

I'm in a 08 solara, and before watching this, I had the infinite baffle idea too. Going with two jbl gt-12s. Qts rating is like .63, which should be enough.

I've tried my kicker cvx 15" and a alpine type x 12", and as soon as you move with the top down, you don't hear bass at all.

Julz Dante says:

Hey man. What amp did you use for this? Someone mentioned it needs to be a fiber optic type of thing?

Von und zu says:

How you install the amplifier? Saab radio?

Sean Armstrong says:

I really like your videos but I do find that your transitions are a bit aggressive. Just a little bit of constructive criticism, keep up the good work.

Jace says:

Any plans for a part two?

Victor Kanygin says:

Did you drill some holes in the plastic frame for a sound? Can you show plastic backrest frame modifications?

E.Man says:

Check before you buy your speaker, I bought an 8 inch so I wouldn't need to modify anything and found a hole for a 10 inch with two 6×9 holes in the lower back of the seats

Romando says:

You know there is an original 10" sub for this car?

Roami Zane says:

Would love to see this in a Pontiac G6 convertible. The trunk space is tighter.

TragestyX says:

Honestly I'm still too concerned about the structural integrity to do a cut and install like this. Try to film a video of the sub working. Don't worry there are lots of royalty free music for it.

TragestyX says:

How many damn times are you going to be changing your channel name haha

TragestyX says:

So nice to have a newer than 06 convertible haha. I got my 04 though as my very first saab and I'm a bit partial for the moment.

UN -_- KNOWN says:

Just swapped my saloon 9-5 for astra 1.8 bertone, goodbye thanky you for your vids best of luck

Jace says:

Can you create another video to show how you wired in the sub and amp. This one is good but too short.

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