Episode 35 – 9-3 CIM Repair

Episode 35 – 9-3 CIM Repair

In this episode, we’ll dismantle and clean the contacts inside the CIM stalks of a SAAB 9-3. These seem to fail fairly regularly.

Link to fibre Glass pens used in this video:



phil kirby says:

wow. very enlightening. i wish i had this knowledge. im having problems on my 9 3 with left indicator and main beam wont stay on. i think this problem must occur on most soft tops because moisture gets into the contacts. im undecided as to try and fix this myself or just show this video to my local garage and see if they can do it for me….thanks anyway and youve got a new subscriber. cheers

Alexander Vagiakos says:

Really nice video … have an issue with my turn indicators , not working all the time and im pretty sure those mechanisms inside are the issue … Just to be sure i bought a "broken" used cim (the clockspring had an issue) and i will try to remove mine and either fix it as you did or swap with the used one i got … Thanks for your input !!

Yevhen Nyshchota says:

Thank you for the video! I’ve got a problem with turn indicator on Saab 9-3 2008 , it doesn’t work, everything else works fine . I take it it’s possible to take it apart and try to fix it , isn’t it?

Terry Seymour says:

Curious to know if you've dealt with Hatch release mechanism electronic issues. When opening it clicks as if it's open than immediately clicks again and locks again making the hatch almost impossible to get open. PS it does the same thing with the key. And where did you get that fiber pen? Thanks in advance for your response.

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