Detailed SAAB (ISM) Ignition Switch Module Replacement & Upgrade

Detailed SAAB (ISM) Ignition Switch Module Replacement & Upgrade

In this video I show exactly how to replace your 2003-2012 SAAB 9-3 Ignition Switch Module (ISM) with no special tools! During the process I decided to upgrade to a 1yr only option light up version ISM. Be sure to like, share and subscribe!

More info on my 3D printed cupholder:

OEM Part number for ISM installed in video: 12786386

Forum thread on how to convert your non-led ISM into a lighted version:

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Aidan Patrick says:

I got an 05 aero 3 weeks ago and initially I got the wonderful steering lock malfunction the day after I bought it, thankfully its been like 2 weeks since I've seen it pop up so maybe it fixed itself? It didnt show up on a tech 2 scan as being busted so I have no idea what's going on

saabstory says:

Hello again .when i saw your video i bought the same ism as you. Just plug and key not accepted when i put my genuine ism

saabstory says:

Steering lock malfunction.Hello from Greece.i did the same thing and i have this message.then i tried the old ism and says key not accepted.any advice please?

Johan B Husum says:

Hi ! I have lost sound för blinkers, no belt, backsensor. When I flash highbeam it start working again. Always the same as soon I take out the key for a few minuts or moore. Can it be faulty amp 1 under driverseat ?

Johan, Sweden.

valters45 says:

Hi. Just wondering, do you put in new ISM and it works? Just any that is the same one? No programming for keys or imo needed?

michalbort says:

Very nice video! One note though, the shifter trim has two tabs in front that hook on plastic of central console. In my opinion it's better to make sure they fit in the right place, and then when shifter trim is installed you can install the rubber mat.

agresorxf says:

Insane detailed tutorial. Epic job like always but I suggest to take care about Your car a bit more. Mate its a big mess there all around, its not shitty bmw , clean it up a bit 🙂

Phillip Arthur says:

Nice video. I was wondering if you had any saab floor mats available? If so how much would you want I live about an hour away from Columbus

Kierownik 9-3 says:

I own the illuminated ISM for 15$ last year 😀
Edit: Also i fixed the famous "steering lock malfunction", I was cleaning my previous ISM about 2 times, but fault always is back. My car is MY08, but old ISM was produced in 2014 – little curiosity 🙂
Summarizing, 11 years older ISM is better xD

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