Amazing Teyes 360 Cameras and Head Unit Install in Saab 9-3 – Universal Aftermarket Android Unit

Amazing Teyes 360 Cameras and Head Unit Install in Saab 9-3 – Universal Aftermarket  Android Unit

I tackle the installation of the 360 parking cameras in the convertible.

The original review I did of this head unit can be found here –
How to install an aftermarket head unit in the Saab 9-3 –
Installing a reverse camera –

The Saab kit you need is – here

Teyes CC3 –

Teyes ISO for Saab –

0:00 Introduction
1:39 Making the mount for the Saab 9-3
3:10 preliminary wiring
4:20 Unboxing the 360 camera kit
5:17 Adding cameras to the mirrors
12:38 Adding the front camera
14:25 Fitting the Teyes in the car
15:52 Calibrating the 360 system
19:44 Demoing the 360 system



Muhammad Kermali says:

Csn you confirm that the rear camera as part of the 360 set up also acts as the reverse camera or do you need another separate camera?

Clearjab says:

Hi I have a quick question, when you inatalled your cameras did you attached the (white color) positive leads at the end of each cable? if so, to what did you connected them, otherwise do the 4 pin cables provide power for the cameras? also is there any resolution change between the 1080p backup camera and the 360 I bought both but I dont think the system can use both

stillak says:

What are all the things I will need to install this on a 1991 Acura Legend Coupe

Cory Bachorski says:

Is it possible to flip the image for the side cameras if the image was upside down? I own a Jeep Wrangler and cannot do a mirror mount. I remove the doors during the summer.

Артур Лянгузов says:

Hello. Which canbus adapter should I order? Also, do the buttons on the steering wheel work for you? Do system sounds (turn signal sounds) work? Thanks!

niet janken says:

That wire dont be fine

jason champion says:

Hi just a quick question with the 360 panoramic cameras is the rear one used as the reverse camera as well or do I need a Separate one

M.H. says:

How many hours did this work take?

dorin borsa says:

I really like your videos really good staff.
I have a question.
I have a original subwoofer for Saab 93 estate the spare wheel , ça you advised how to install on my om stereo please . Many thanks

Gs234 says:

Hi great video but I was wondering if it have a apple carplay compatibility?

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