Adding Voice Recognition (Part 3 Saab Nav Install)

Adding Voice Recognition (Part 3 Saab Nav Install)

In this vid I finalize the install of the Saab sat nav unit in my 08 9-3 Aero by hooking up the voice recognition. Be sure to like, subscribe for more content and drop a comment down below if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!

Brand new J3 VCIM plug is available for purchase here (not affiliated):

Part 1 install:

Part 2 map disk read error fix:




Weakest of Weeks says:

Update 5/26/2021: Subscriber Douglas B. found the actual J3 plug available for sale here:

I will also put the link in the description. Thanks Doug!

Hamed Hakiminezhad says:

Thanks for your great videos, do you know if I replace the oem VCIM to a Bluetooth one on my 2008 saab, then can I use bluetooth to call and play music? I've heard that nonnav ones with bluetooth can only be used for calls not playing music, same thing with navigation head unit?

Douglas Brown says:

Why even take the VCIM out? Just work on your back.

Doug Brown says:

You are the bomb! I should have known you would have a solution! I just installed a 2009 nav display, in my newly purchased 2010 XWD (has XM), and noticed that it no longer does voice commands, then I found a youtube video from the ever famous weakest of weeks! Can't wait to dig in to this one! I have already ordered the adaptors, to get nav and FM! Love your videos! Now, if I could only find a nav module to update the map function! Would be nice to know what GM models I can use? Please advise!

Juan Carlos Lozano says:

Can I do this mods in my 06 9-3 non Aero? Also have a 02 9-3 SE with OnStar….

Juan Carlos Lozano says:

Great video! Thanks!!

okletsskate says:

Any chance of a hands-free video? I saw a channel with a guy claiming he swapped one of these with one that enabled hands-free calling unless it's the same?

Nicholas Gardner says:

What if your car doesn’t have onstar buttons? Mine is a facelifted 2007 93 convertible.

RellupNorth says:

I live in New Jersey bro. I want the Bluetooth and pretty much have the exact same set up as you aero manual 2007. Could I pay you for the Bluetooth set up?

Vim says:

Wheres the microphone mounted ?

Jack says:

One of the best resources for SAAB owners. Thank for your contribute to the SAAB community, you just deserve a new subscriber. Please, keep posting new videos

Antonio says:

Hi! its possible BLUETOOH ? best regards!!

Brennyn Cutler says:

Does your onstar still work?

jacob agee says:

I have the nav in my 07 9-3 but the am/fm doesn’t work along with navigation could it be a vcim problem?

Ro Bru says:

Does Blue shoot work with the non-nav to?And do I only need that module for my 07?

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