Restoration Porsche 911 toy car

Restoration Porsche 911 toy car

This old rusty machine was in very poor condition, and they wanted to throw it away. But I decided to restore this cute Porsche 911 toy car.

I used sandblasting to remove rust. I replaced part of the chassis because… she was very rotten. The car was missing wheels, I had to completely remake them. Also on the body I slightly modified the wing arches. The final result pleased me.

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@walterstutz-lf6ef says:

Sorry this is not a 911 this is a 356B

@NolaGal2601 says:

I think you did a great job despite what the professionals have commented.

@sidgreen921 says:

That is not a 911. It is a 356, the model before the 911 was developed.

@giuseppelavecchia775 says:

Amico la macchina e' fantastica,restauro al top. sei un grande!

@ForDemoPurposesOnly says:

I was bummed because I was thinking he'd put real leather on the seats. 🙂 Just teasing – great restore, for sure!

@Crazy-ui9ir says:

911 oder 356
wohl eher 356

@ivoolazabal7323 says:

Magnífico!!!…. Nuevo otra vez. Saludos desde Uruguay.

@antiquesinmotion7760 says:

I don't think there was much you could do with this one. I suspect the car started out as a cheap decoration rather than a toy. says:

MIG/TIG welding would have been better options to the brazing you did? 🙂
Nice work, final result looks cool.

@diecast_MikeEspo says:

Great work as always.
Very cool
Mike .

@user-yj7nz9pg9k says:

У человека есть всё, чтобы произвести первоклассную реставрацию, но он предпочитает переводить впустую ресурсы и время.
Оси можно было выточить на станке с буртами или проточками под кольца стопорные? Днище можно было вырезать и согнуть из целого листа стали? Колёса можно было сделать составными — резиновые шины и точёные алюминиевые диски? Ленты фиксации осей колёс можно было заменить фрезерованными кронштейнами с точной стыковкой к днищу штифтами и шпильками? Можно! Но человек предпочёл колхозить. Не понравилось лентяйство.

@laordendethule says:

whats do yo use to What did you use to solder and join the repair? greetings

@craigdawson4124 says:

Brilliant restoration from what it was and very smart with the wheels. It's accurate to the 50s 60s era

@charlottecox7014 says:

Don't watch if you are going to criticize cause your not attempting it. Great job.

@user-fw4kt7cl3p says:

Awesome job

@Edwards_second_channel says:

Looks more like a Porsche 356 to me

@AetherEdit says:

I find all this very suspicious. All his restorations start off in this very unusual condition.

@replicant1027 says:

This is NOT a restoration. It is a repair and a custom, and a bad one at that.

@lindsaythompson726 says:

When was the toy made?

@owais146 says:


@MaksymzOranmore says:

Amazing, magnificent. I can advise that there are no pimples on the casting, use a vacuum mixer, or place a mold under pressure until the mass hardens, for which you can use a regular pressure cooker.

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