Porsche 997 Carrera II: How To Fix Bore Score Damage | Wheeler Dealers

Porsche 997 Carrera II: How To Fix Bore Score Damage | Wheeler Dealers

Elvis walks you through the steps required to fix bore score damage inside of a damaged Porche engine.

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Paul Turner says:

Brewer making out that Neil the Porsche dealer was a big mate, but Neil’s face said it all“ oh it’s this twat again “ hilarious, Brewer is just an annoying narcissistic twat.

Pitts321 says:

Where’s Part 2?

pb5x5 says:

This car hasn't had a mot since 2015. Still on September 2022, so was the sale faked?

Dan Grassetti says:

Seems that it’s taken the British to show Porsche how to build engines.

Jon Thornton-Dibb says:

This bloke is excellent.

Robby Man says:

omg look at that corrision haha

Allan S says:

Pretty car; not so reliable

Ian Ward says:

Leave it alone, no different from all other 911 discussions

D Mark2 says:

$15,000 for a Porsche 997 that isn't wrecked??? That seems impossibly low priced. I've never seen them that low in the USA, with or without bore scoring.

Wayne says:

hahaha, like this guy know how to bore a 911 engine, yeah just get number 86 mate your be fine, and as if the bloody company would let you use there machines, this guy is living in dreamland, good luck then. WTF!

Matt says:

Porsche have been making the 911 since 1964 it should be polished perfection by now. Why does bore scoring even exist!!!!

Mark Killington says:

Terrible era for Porsche.

Ian Watts says:

Wish I could’ve sent my m97 to the UK to have it fixed. The LN guys are over double the price in the US

RogueBrit says:

Love Porsche but they really aren't reliable

C Donuts says:

Unlike L.A now their back in Blighty working on cars full of rust! Amazing how fast they rot over there!

Matthew Skaggs says:

Question. What is the fix if you only have one cylinder scored? My car was diagnosed with scoring on cylinder 6, and the local shop wants to sell me a $24k motor….

Роман says:

does bore scoring occur on MA1 engines especially 2.9 from cayman?

Robbo says:

Elvis in the building y'all

Money Money says:

A thing I picked up on was the blackening of the exhaust tips.


get a GTR….

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