Porsche 996 911 Coilover Installation DIY (1999-2005 Porsche 996 Carrera Ohlins Coilover Kit)

Porsche 996 911 Coilover Installation DIY (1999-2005 Porsche 996 Carrera Ohlins Coilover Kit)

►Porsche 996 911 coilover installation is one of the most impactful changes you can make to the handling of your 996. Even if the shocks and struts on your car are newer, coilovers dramatically change the overall feel and performance of your car. If your shocks and struts are worn out and need replacing anyway, the upgrade becomes even more noticeable.

Porsche 996 coilover installation isn’t all that difficult, and with a minimum of tools, it can be completed in your driveway or garage at home. It truly is a DIY job. In this video, Michael Hidalgo, the owner of this 1999 Porsche 996 Carrera, demonstrates how to replace the worn-out suspension with these new Öhlins Road and Track coilovers.

These Öhlins Road and Track coilovers feature a Dual Flow Valve system, that with one turn of the knob can go from a comfortable daily street car, to a curb-eater at the track. If you’re looking for your next set of coilovers, Öhlins should be your first choice.

00:00 – Intro
02:44 – Tools Needed
04:42 – Job Start/Brake Removal
07:41 – Front Sway Bar/Lower Control Arms Removal
11:47 – Front Strut Removal
13:33 – Font Strut Disassembly
15:26 – Front Coilover Assembly
24:26 – Front Coilover Installation
25:03 – Front Lower Control Arms Installation
28:14 – Front Brakes Installation
30:44 – Front Coilover Torque
31:06 – Rear Strut Removal
33:41 – Rear Strut Disassembly
34:36 – Rear Coilover Assembly
41:07 – Rear Coilover Installation
43:16 – Wrap-Up

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Bilstein- https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-strut-and-coil-spring-kit-bilstein-b8-performance-plus-h-r-22046130kt?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=mps%20996&utm_content=coilovers

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@philring7681 says:

What about adjusting ride height when the units are installed, I take it the preload is the initial preload, isn't the ride height adjusted using the two lock rings that pre load the spring?

@MrCaterhamr500 says:

There is no way this is realistic, in the real world there is substantial corrosion between the aluminium and steel components, making every step an utter pain. And if you think your strut will just pull out after loosening the pinch bolt you are very wrong, and separating them on the bench is much harder, best to break it attached and remove the lower assembly while the strut is connected at the top as it is held in place for the struggle to remove the lower assembly.

I appreciate the video is to help show you how, but the car looks almost brand new and is not realistic of what you will need to do on your car unless it’s a garage queen that’s sadly never driven. Expect to need much much much more time to do this job, particularly if you live in a country where the use salt in the winters.

@DPCPhotog says:

Are the fronts different for the AWD Carrera 4?

@nickplaks1 says:

I installed the H&R springs and bilstein b8’s instead. Followed all the steps well. The car also has all new control arms, sway bar end links, sway bar bushing and top mounts, however I am now getting a creaking sound over bumps and sometimes a light thud. Any ideas?

@bostonaudi says:

I wouldn’t spend time on B8 with H&R’s, car will sit quite low and exhibit bounce steer, and ride very stiff. Good at the track, not good on normal USA crap roads. If you can’t afford otherwise excellent Ohlins, factory ROW M030 springs with Koni’s a great choice (not sure why nearly new Koni coming out but for Ohlins sure). Removing the entire strut assembly is definitely the best and safest way to do this, good job!

@danielpacheco8650 says:

You make the best , detailed videos. Thanks my good man

@DanielW.-er1vv says:

Hey Mike,

great job with this installation and great job with this instrution!
Special thanks mentioning all the torques! I'm sure it will help me a lot.

Keep on rolling your 996..

Fun fact: I checked out your video after you told me about it… and found out in my history I already saw it some time ago! Oo

Not to forget.. nice work of your camera and video creation team!

Greetings from Ennepetal,


@Christopher28fair says:

Sometimes I watch your videos just so I can hear someone call me one of the "good people".

@supercarsinsweden says:

How do you know how much torque you need to use for each bolt?

@trevordell77 says:

Great professional easy way of explaining the entire procedure. Liked how you took your time great way to go thank you

@jaroslavkucera4138 says:

Perfektní profesiálně udělané video,které pochopí i naprostý amatér!Děkuji,skvělá práce.!!! Srdečně zdraví Jarda Kučera Czech Republik

@contactJT1 says:

Fantastic video!

@sethnuckols5273 says:

Hello! I just ordered parts from FCP Euro. I'm not doing the coil overs yet, but just the struts and springs. with the Bilstein B8's, do I need bump stops? Do the Bilsteins have them built in? the internet has both answers… 22-046246 rear and 22-046239 front. please help!

@MrNewcarscott says:

There is a Zen like cool to your presentation. How do u do that? Whenever I am describing mechanical processes it sounds like I have no clue what I’m talking about. Of course that’s generally the case
anyway exceptionally well done, we’ll shot well great audio

five stars bros and I am now officially subscribing

@Shane1112 says:

I can't get the callipers off, the pads seem to be pressed firm against the rotors, how do I get them to release?

@burtd24 says:

Awesome description you make it look easy, but the reality may differ… just need my own car lift to just redo everything..

@1drwnd.porsche says:

Nice vid…. Just want to mention that Ohlins now recommends a 5mm (195mm) preload.

@mojomel68 says:

Always helpful! Thanks Mike and the Team at FCP!

@khestehave says:

Hey Mike, I just did this operation to my C4S with new Bilsteins instead of coilovers and all new controlarms all over. Install went really well with minimal hick ups thanks to this fantastic DIY along with the control arm DIY! One question; on my maiden voyage the rear said two semi big pops/rattles when turning over an undulation in the road, first right and then left. Ever since then it’s been perfect. Any idea why it did that? Could it just be the spring settling in?

@jamesgriffith7464 says:

thanks mike ..damn baby!!!

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