PORSCHE 992 collision repair on-job training with Cameleon universal jig system by Celette

PORSCHE 992 collision repair on-job training with Cameleon universal jig system by Celette

Porsche 911 (992) was put on the Celette car frame machine and universal jig system Cameleon to have its front end replaced during on the job training for one of our customers in Bangkok. The Cameleon was set up according to the online datasheet and was also used to measure, as well as a template to hold new parts in place to have them glued, welded and riveted to the car. Video was made at TSL Auto.

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Celette is the inventor of the frame machine/frame rack and car bench for repairing vehicles, such as cars, SUV’s ,commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. Celette also invented many car measuring systems such as METRO 2000 measuring system, NAJA 3D measuring system and the latest one, EAGLE measuring system. Celette also developed a full range of car tools for repairing chassis or auto-bodies such as car dedicated jigs or car universal jigs system -CAMELEON. Celette car frame machine or car bench are considered as the most accurate in the collision repair.
Celette car straightening equipment or truck straightening equipment is perfect for light , medium and major or high damage structural repair processes . Celette is also famous for its car floor system which can repair any car or truck. With the new demands of the insurance companies who want to be assured of the accuracy of the repair process, Celette provides the best solutions, with its car frame machines and car bench, with car dedicated jigs, car universal jig system, car electronic measuring system, car laser measuring system and car straightening systems.

Celette also developed a range of equipment for heavy duty repairing, with truck frame machine, truck frame rack, or truck straightening system, and can also repair truck on frame machine with truck clamps or truck universal jigs.

For nearly 70 years Celette has been developing new tools for the collision repair industry, with frame machines, frame racks, measuring systems, universal jig system, and car body straightening equipment.

Frame machine/ Frame rack: with its famous bench Sevenne, Celette provides to the Collision center the best straightening equipment with several working lengths, with single lift, multiple lifts or on wheels. Celette also provides some car lifting platforms, and car lifting table for cosmetic r, smart, light, medium and heavy repair. Everyday we are still improving the efficiency and comfort of our straightening system, and frame straightening machine which are efficient and ergonomic

OEM approved measuring systems: Car Data base is also one of Celette’s main goals. We have the 3D original CAD drawings from most of the automotive OEM, and so we collect data in order to provide the collision repair industry the best and most accurate car data base. The measuring tools are the METRO 2000 measuring system, the NAJA 3D measuring system which is an electronic measuring system or computerized measuring system, and the EAGLE, which is a laser computerized measuring system and have the most approvals and homologations worldwide.

Universal jig systems: with the MZ system Celette provides the choice between dedicated jigs and universal jigs. Our patented universal jig solution CAMELEON is the latest Celette product developed by our R&D department, it is used in collaboration with our NAJA database which is the largest in the world. You can measure and repair most of the cars and most of the brands with our online computerized measuring system database. Universal jig system will soon be available to be used on all different platforms, car bench, lifting platform and straightening bench.

Welding equipment: Celette provides to the bodyshops and the collision centers a complete range of welding and riveting equipment for all kinds of materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber etc.

Truck straightening system: Celette provides 2 kinds of chassis straightening system for the truck repair process, and the bus repair process with our BPL or our MAMOUTH system. Celette is also able to provide you with the right tools to repair truck cabins with the MENIR system.

Celette provides you the best car floor system with SYSTEM 5000.

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Uzdekistan ❤❤❤

Simone Ubidia says:

No entiendo ahí tienes las medidas en la compu , paq' tanto pierdes tiempo jalando medida a puro ojo.

Type Witcher says:

А мені сподобалось))) без колхозу, якісно і технологічно відновлено – хочеться продовження до кінцевого відновлення =_=

Robinson Anng! says:

Las instalaciones están hermosas, ya quisiera tener mi taller así. 🙁

Godscountry says:

Cheers from America. Thanks for posting.

ViperMods_216 says:

Are these chassis aluminum?

Х-Drive says:

А клей?

Jairo Sousa says:

Se fosse aqui no Brasil não rodaria mas pela seguradora. Mas se arrumar valor desvaloriza porque foi batido

Jon Shilling says:

A slick set up for sure , that jig must have cost a pretty penny , But then they don't de-bur the freshly drilled holes so the rivets now have a shear point .
additionally , the new tub lined up with the previous locations and mounting points so well , makes you wonder if they needed the jig it at all ……
lastly the time involved to set it up …. i presume this was a first or second time to set it up ? say $200 per hour X 6 staff ….. buy a new car lol .
but impressive to see it done .

David Norwood says:

1.5 set up time chop chop guys

Al van der Laan says:

This is some high-end frame machine!! Fascinating to see how you set this up. I think the training was well received and having everything square and lining up will help repair the vehicle properly and to spec.

SLO722 says:

I’d buy a brand new monocoque from Porsche and migrate everything to it instead of trying to fix it. But it might be cheaper to repair it in Thailand and there might be issues of necessitating a new chassis number which could be a pain in the backside depending on the local laws and regulations.

Doug M. says:

that MIG ground wire though…lol

pgti6 says:

The body jig is fantastic. However the workmanship leaves alot to be desired.

Дмитрий Городец says:

Зачем так много специалистов? Достаточно одного, иногда двух… Сколько стоит этот стапель? 200К евро? Когда он окупится? 7- 10 лет? Я ждал девушек-технологов в бикини и салют по окончанию работы.

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