Porsche 944 – Center Console Hinge Replacement Tutorial

Porsche 944 – Center Console Hinge Replacement Tutorial

This video demonstrates and explains the work involved in replacing the center console tray insert on a Porsche 944, including an overview of the parts and common issues associated with the repair.

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Cassette Box Insert with Hinge Frame
• Early Part number: 928-555-729-03-01C
• Late Part number: 944-552-553-01-01C
• Cassette Rack: 928-555-731-02-01C
• Partition Panel: 928-555-741-02
968 Club Sport Console Tray
• Part number: 944552155001DB
968 Club Sport Console Tray Insert
• Part number: 94455216100



@frankscar3558 says:

Have to do mine thanks for the video!

@christiansilva1918 says:

please do DME and steering wheel replacements like you mentioned in you “25 things i’ve replaced” vid 🙂

@andrewsutton7727 says:

My 924S hinge was broken, and the vinyl on the lid came apart. I believe I got the lid from Plyhammer's parts. Basically its an armrest, not much can be stored in there, no longer have a casette deck!

@trey99ek says:

I was about to do this but then I cheaped out and used black duct tape to make a hinge.

@glow9999 says:

Just curious. You’ve done a complete restoration on just about everything on your car. That cassette console replacement, does this mean you have a cassette player? I still have cassette player with cd changer and have been thinking of upgrading the stereo to a retro look, but with modern conveniences (eg. Bluetooth, etc…). What is your outlook on this?

@VS-16 says:

Hi! I've had my 1990 S2 for 24 years now and have had to change the lid twice.
The first time in 2005 and then again in 2020. Here in Germany the shelf life is apparently around 15 years.
Is it due to the temperature differences between Europe and the USA? I don't know… Thanks for the vid!
Best wishes from the Black Forest in Germany

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