Porsche 911 Spark Plug and Coilpack Change DIY. No muffler or Bumper Removal!

Porsche 911 Spark Plug and Coilpack Change DIY. No muffler or Bumper Removal!

My fellow Automotive Fanatics, I welcome you to my channel for another DIY! Today, we are tackling spark plugs and coilpacks changes on a 2007 Porsche 911 997.1 with the 3.8L motor. Even though our reference vehicle is a 997.1, the process may be applicable for other Porsches such as the 996 and Porsches with the 3.6L motor.

Overall, this is not a difficult task. You DO NOT have to remove the bumper or mufflers as other DIY guides have recommended. You do need some specialized tools though. Here are the tools I would recommend:

– standard mechanic tool set
– E-Torx sockets
– multiple wobble socket extensions
– pivoting rachet
– small 1/4” torque wrench or a small sized 3/8” torque wrench

Torque Specs:
– spark plugs @ 22ft/lbs
– coilpack retaining bolts @ 7.5ft/lbs
– heatshield @ 7.5ft/lbs

NO DOT use anti seize per newest Porsche SB notice

Install time: 4-6hrs.

Timeline of DIY:

0:07 – intro to this DIY
3:07 – removal of LEFT forward most coilpack
5:51 – removal of LEFT forward most spark plug
6:25 – removal of LEFT middle coilpack
8:40 – removal of LEFT REAR coilpack bolts
9:12 – how to unclip LEFT REAR coilpack clip
10:01 – removal of LEFT REAR coilpack
10:38 – removal of LEFT REAR spark plug
11:39 – completed left side discussion and tips
15:41 – RIGHT side spark plugs and coilpack removal
15:45 – removal of RIGHT REAR coilpack bolt & clip
16:39 – tip on how to remove RIGHT REAR coilpack
17:08 – tip on how to tighten coilpack bolt
17:38 – completed right side discussion, tips, and final comments

If you guys have any questions, please post below and I will do my best to help out. As always, thank you for watching and supporting my channel! Until the next time, this is Peter, The Automotive Fanatic!

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Banbury litho says:

Which model
911 are you working on?

Sum One says:

How hard is it to remove #6?

Paul Curran says:

I did this and completely agree – no removal of wheels, bumper or muffler. I saw the solution elsewhere and followed it.

CAYMAN987 says:

Thanks. Trying to buy a manual 997.. cheapest in the us after used car prices cool down


Thank you very much for your outstanding videos. I greatly appreciate all the effort that you put forth. I have subscribed. Keep up the great work.

Kevin Nally says:

I have a 06 997.1 can’t find the proper gap for the plugs

TheMilk Trafficker says:

What I have learned? To never buy a Porsche that doesn't have an engine bay or a bonnet.

Robert Jay says:

I am curious about them saying that you need to use a torque wrench to tighten down the plugs but notice that you did not do this??

D C says:

Thanks, Peter! Really appreciate your clear description AND list of tools – nothing worse than starting something and realizing you don't have that one tool to do the job. I might give this a try on my C4. If I do you'll be right next to me on the iPad 🙂

L MR says:

Without removing the muffler it would be extremely difficult to impossible to use a torque wrench on the plugs ( 22 ft/lbs or the coil bolts ( 8 ft/lbs

L MR says:

2006 997.1 C2S. All you DYI-selfers Do yourself a favor: Remove the bumper, mufflers and muffler heat shield. The coil pack bolts on the rear ( 1 and 4 ) are very difficult to reach with normal torx sockets. I had a single bar t40 torx that is 1 inch long. I could not remover the most rear bolt with normal torx sockets, the muffler frame is in the way. Removal of bumper, heat shield and muffler: 1 hour. It saves 2 and 1/2 hours Good luck. Make sure you have a good variety of tools.

ranchwagon66 says:

Great video , I might try this to save some money.

Fredy M. says:

Great video! So do the Beru coil packs come with the new bolts? I noticed you took off the torx 40 bolts but you put back in a different bolt.

Joey LeClair says:

Will you please make a short video on how to relearn the Haldex pump with OBD 11 I’m gonna do my this week and don’t know how to relearn it

Vijay Champanaria says:

It’s not pronounced With an A ..it’s Bosch

Hasse Berglund says:

Great Video and tutorial…..thanks!!

Martyn Stanley says:

How long did it take you to do all 6 ?

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