Major Repairs on my 997 Porsche 911 Turbo – The WORST Job I've Ever Attempted

Major Repairs on my 997 Porsche 911 Turbo – The WORST Job I've Ever Attempted

Porsche says you CAN’T DIY this job, at least without pulling the engine out. WATCH ME DO IT AT HOME! (athough it was awful)

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@grantlingley1385 says:

You are a beast for sure Matt….yeah dropping the whole thing might have been better but then you definitely would have needed an extra set of hands! A two post with a an engine table, cats ass! I say all of this while I am under my 914 with Jack stands…the fear is real…LOL!

@NaztyNate says:

I'm just mad you didn't clean it with glass cleaner

@PompeyMatt17 says:

great effort Matt..agreed that's a ridiculous way to design a clutch fork…and I see you've snuck in some Hex lighting as well..

@chokobodoe992 says:

well done !!

@moneymikeslickwill8749 says:

This build is legit Mann

@moneymikeslickwill8749 says:

Bro I felt u on sending the car to the shop if it needs another clutch

@Jupiterider1 says:

Great job Matt! You’re a beast!
By the way. YouTube keeps unsubscribing me from your (and other) channels. I constantly have to check.

@bernardthefourth says:

Nice work. That clutch fork is so frustrating.

@ilikethings7251 says:

you said comment so I'm gonna comment to comment

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