INSTALL PIONEER MVH-1400NEX into 1998 Porsche Boxster 986 (Project 88) | HEAD UNIT w/ Apple Carplay!

INSTALL PIONEER MVH-1400NEX into 1998 Porsche Boxster 986 (Project 88) | HEAD UNIT w/ Apple Carplay!

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Project 88: from the 101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster book

Here is a detailed how-to video on installing a double din head unit with Apple Car Play into my 1998 Porsche Boxster.

There are several long (boring) parts showing my trying to do/fit things. Some I fast forward, some I leave, feel free to skip. I left them purposefully to give an idea of how long they take or the difficulty. There are frustrating parts, but stick with it and it’s rewarding at the end!

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Pioneer MVH-1400:

MicroBypass for Video In Motion:

Wiring Harness:

Dash Kit:

SiriusXM Tuner Kit:

101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster book:



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Gregg Young says:

Nice job, I just finished mine today. Wish I would have found this video a couple days ago! 🙂

time travler 3 are we there yet says:

old post but nice job on doin this
i couldnt do it lol be
my luck i burn my car up lol.

frank farr says:

Bypass switch installed between?&?

Mark Spencer says:

Could only endure the first 34 minutes. At least we know BMW has a performance driving school.
Sadly I'll never get those 34 minutes back.

Baroquen Horse says:

Love all your videos. You’ve been a great help!

Bob Plaszcz says:

How does the sirius receiver work? Did you need to install an antenna for the Sirius sxv300 too?

Google's Cookie Monster says:

Do you have a link to the Pioneer stereo wiring harness and the fitting kit

Google's Cookie Monster says:

I have a Porsche Boxter 986 – 2004 model. The stereo I'm fitting is Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB. Will I need to do the same install as you?

Francois Ducharme says:

Nice job, does this set up bypass the amplifier in the front? Or do you need to do anything with the amplifier disconnected or anything like that? Thanks

PLAN Fazz says:

If I buy from the amazing link the radio is gonna have all the wiring and equipment needed to install it to my Boxster ?

Crux Interfacing Solutions says:

Great video, if you want to see other great 12 volt videos please subscribe to us.

Clueless says:

Hello at 38:38, what did you do with that factory alarm? Did you connect it back later?

Kevin Sheehan says:

I think I would have spent the $6 for the radio removal tool. I would have had my sledge hammer out after the first 15 nimutes

john do says:

Great video !

john do says:

Can you email me the crutchfield instructions please at ? Thanks you

Fred Noce says:

How has the mic placement worked out? I’m trying to figure out the best place for mine. I’ve read that having the mic at the top of the “A” pillar seems to give the best audio out…but I really like the stealthy placement of the mic you’ve done.

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