How to Install a Porsche 911 Aircooled Engine in 3 steps

How to Install a Porsche 911 Aircooled Engine in 3 steps

Hey boys, this is a super short video, showing you how I installed my 911 engine, and it was super easy!

Quickjack 5000:
Motorcycle/ATV Jack on Amazon:

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BC Li says:

Congrats! It’s so satisfying getting to putting this back into service. Awesome…I do know you’re still working out some gremlins.

Kevin Thomas says:

Finally back to the 911. Been watching and waiting . Motor looks great and I’m sure your happy to be getting it back in the car.

Eric Knight says:

Hey, I've got a quick jack, but I've been worried I wouldn't have enough clearance to pull the motor. If I pull the bumper, do I have enough clearance?

Bully Kuldo says:

Sounds like have a timing issue or an Electronic problem. How did the boat motor overheating problem go all sorted ?

Egor Yildirim says:

Have been watching since the first day!! So nice seeing it almost being done

Kris Decreton says:

Excellent! Looking forward to more 911 updates! I got the lightweight clutch plate thanks to you and have not regretted it once!

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