Beginner Guide: Essential Tools for Porsche DIY Maintenance | Tech Tactics Live

Beginner Guide: Essential Tools for Porsche DIY Maintenance | Tech Tactics Live

We discuss what tools a Porsche owner needs to do their own maintenance and repairs. This is perfect for those who have winter Porsche projects planned as well as those who wanted to learn how to save money and do basic maintenance yourself.

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Michael Xi says:

Curious to know where does folks get their workshop manual from?

Jack Shaheen says:

Durametric is a joke. Their software is buggy. They NEVER update their software and when they do they add more bugs. Don’t waste your money. There are better alternatives.

Garth Goldberg says:

For Porsche, VW you're going to need Torx, E (external) Torx and (older models) XZN spline sockets. Also internal hex (Allen).

Garth Goldberg says:

Having a cart for tools and parts is very handy. Same with caliper.

Garth Goldberg says:

VW Oil Drain Plug Bit, No. SDMV1, $10.70, from Snap On. Fits 991.2 and 992 drain plug, probably also Macan, etc. with plastic oil pans.
This tool also goes by VW T10549, but the little bit is all you need. And it's Snap On and cheaper.

Oil filter is not that hard to get to. Remove the fans, the trim and maybe (model dependent) the air box. Oil filter cover is 36 MM shallow socket, same as BMW, MINI, VW etc.

Brake bleeder=Power Bleeder. Very simple to bleed.

Fixed brake calipers, Brembo, super simple to replace pads and rotors. Later models rear brakes with electronic e-brake, need to put in service mode.
The 992, the air filters are behind the wheel well. Rear bumper doesn't have to come off.

Garth Goldberg says:

All cars have CAN bus systems now. If you don't have a problem with the electronics, you don't need a PIWIS or equivalent just to do normal maintenance.
I've looked over the service schedule on our new 992. The service is almost identical to my 2002 VW Eurovan, except everything is at the back of the car instead of the front.

964 Luftballoon says:

So glad you touched on buying the tools you can afford Vu. Most car guys are “snap-on” nothing less. Well I also don’t want to break the bank. It’s unrealistic if you’re doing basic stuff tasks. That said if you’re building an engine you definitely want quality. Regarding the quickjack…that is the best tool “investment” I’ve made. It makes tasks on my 964 much easier.

Imran Haque says:

How much are the Dorametric tools

David Vasta says:

"Essential Tools" and you spend the first 18 min talking about bumpers and nothing about tools. Between this and the podcast, you all waste so much time being off-topic. Shorter clips and shorter videos are better. These videos that are longer than short TV shows are not helpful. 8 to 10 min videos. Too much wasted time and rambling. Try to do the show in 5 min and if it runs 10 then you nailed it.

You all need an outline and stick to it. Too much "buddy" talk. It's just such a waste of time.

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