Air-cooled Porsche 911 Sunroof DIY Rebuild Part 1 of 3: Disassembly

Air-cooled Porsche 911 Sunroof DIY Rebuild Part 1 of 3: Disassembly

Porsche 911 DIY Repair Blog:

Step-by-step DIY to rebuild the sunroof on an air-cooled 1983 Porsche 911SC coupe.

Install Notes:
1. This procedure applies to 911SC coupes 1978-1983
2. This procedure may apply to 911 coupes 1974-1977 (not sure yet; still TBD)
3. Go here to download your Porsche’s parts catalog to get correct part numbers:
4. Please take all necessary safety precautions. Not responsible for any personal injury or vehicle damage.
5. Shortcuts for convenience:

Intro: 00:00
Sunroof Differences 01:46
Sunroof Panel Headliner Removal 08:08
Unbolt Sunroof Panel 09:57
Sunroof Panel Weight 14:17
Wind Deflector Description 15:13
Wind Deflector Removal 17:03
Disconnect Sunroof Motor 18:57
Sunroof Rail Removal 27:00
Sunroof Cavity Cleanup 28:30

Video editing by John Lewis (

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Luckygamessss says:

Thank you so much! These videos gave my husband the confidence to fix the sunroof on his 86 911. It works like brand new again! Thank you!

mkoneone says:

Joe .. I realy appreciated watching all three videos … very detailed, indeed … Thanks for sharing

Butzi Porsche says:

I need to reglue my headliner vinyl to the opening but naturally it has to be the back two corners. Wow, the sunroof motor is Rockwell Automation. It's part of the "Retroencabulator"!

JCG TV says:

would this procedure be the same for a 1985 911 Carrera? …. I have the single wind deflector you referred to.

Garage Beers says:

Thank you very much for this video series. I really needed it to figure out my issues on the 930 I’m building. Seriously can’t thank you enough

R G says:

Watched all 3 episodes. My conclusion is that for someone who only needs to replace the 3 seals, we only need to pop the sunroof liner, and unscrew the sunroof panel from the parts that slide on the rail. In particular, there is no need to open the headliner zip in the back and detach the gear that fits between the cable and the motor. Would you agree?

larix2yahooca says:

This video was super helpful to me–I just overhauled my '82SC sunroof (it was jammed) and now works great. Thanks, Joe!

Jonathans911 says:

Great video thank very much !

Paco Guerilla says:

I have the newer style deflector on my 911/993 1995.

B H says:

My understanding (without any direct experience) was that the newer kickstand style was what went into the 3.2 Carerra ('84 – '89). But that they are also a straight-across drop in replacement for the older style mechanisms on earlier cars as well.
If your sunroof mechanism needs to be replaced on an SC, these later units are what would be used.(unless your doing a full historical restoration) Mechanically they are an improvement over the earlier design. I've only seen one or two SCs with the newer mecanism, and have always assumed it was simply a replacement repair on those cars
Again; I think this to be the case, but I could be wrong.

Peter Horsman says:

This is brilliant; thank so much for posting!! The 993 sunroof is pretty much the same as this (mine's a 96 car) and so 'works'! Thanks again.

Gio Verde says:

Great video Sir. My sunroof works like new on my 84. The only issue I have is it is leaking water when in heavy rain. I'm not gonna enjoy fixing it but once done I'm hoping it'll be good. I would prefer to delete because since I've 'Hot rodded' it's look the sunroof just doesn't complete the look

Michael DSILVA says:

What a great video, thanks for making this.

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