981 Porsche Cayman S X73 Lowering Suspension DIY: It's quite complicated!

981 Porsche Cayman S X73 Lowering Suspension DIY: It's quite complicated!

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Aakash Shah says:

How was your install experience for the x73 from auto coture? Is there anyone else instead you would recommend in the New Jersey area for the same install?

David Chow says:

Good video! What was the negative camber for the front and back? What size spacer did you get?

Tom Rawlins says:

You get points for integrity my man. Appreciate you mentioning the rear suspension fail up front. Other youtubers should take note! P.S. enjoy your time with your kids.

Aakash Shah says:

It’s impossible to find a x73 for my cayman s pdk right now 🙁 let me know if you known anyone selling

병관김 says:

what a video!!! i watched it with respect. goood skill

David Brown says:

Just wanted to let you know this video helped me get the front done myself. This is by far the easiest route of all the videos out there for the front. I did use spring compressors that already had about 3” cut off of the bolts to make them shorter. Worked perfect.

William Morris says:

I installed H&R springs on my 991 Boxster S with base suspension. If you’re not tracking your car or competing this will probably be enough for spirited driving and is for me. I didn’t disconnect the Drive shafts on the rear suspension. I borrowed spring compressors from the local auto parts store with a refundable deposit and they are essential.
I removed the brake calipers and disconnected all the suspension links. I compressed the springs while the struts were on the car and was able to compress them enough to slide the top of the struts out from under the fender wells. I used masking tape and Duct tape to protect the paint around the wheel wheels.once I got the struts loose from the wheel carriers I loosened the spring compressors, replaced old springs with new and compressed the new springs on the struts then reinstalled the strut into the wheel carrier and slipped them back under the fenders and hooked everything back up being very careful to mark where the camber bolts were before I took those bolts out so lining them back up on reassembly was easy. This is a long laborious do it yourself but doable with some patience and the right basic tools. I did not need to do an alignment and neither should you. It really isn’t technically just requires patience and spare time. The fronts can be die. In a half day working slowly and steadily. The rears will take four hours each or so. It was worth it to me
To save on all the mechanics labor charge and very satisfying to have accomplished this mid. The car rides just as well as stock but looks A LOT better, much more aggressive, hunkered down and racier. The car leans less on turn in and handles a bit better to me. Well worth the effort if you have the mechanical inclination and time for only $332 on sale from Flat Six Motorsports. Worth every penny.

Michael Aronis says:

While the strut is still in the car, and you can jack the lower suspension up, and then can put two heavy duty straps around the springs (while they are compressed) and then when you release your jack the spring magically is already compressed. This is much safer than using just the spring compressors which hold on by the skin of your teeth. Just my 2 cents.

GBass says:

Love the addition of the Esco stands.

Edward D says:

Great work! Is this Ohlins suspension ? Or OEM Porsche x73 suspension? I see they have the OE at suncoast but wasn’t sure if this link was correct and these are ohlins!

Test Drive Scotland says:

Nice one, x73 is a great upgrade, I have PASM so I could only try the sways but you can feel the difference. The sways aren't any bigger but they are solid rather than hollow.

Jae Yoo says:

Can you please share torque specs you mentioned in the video? Thanks.

Alex says:

For future, to remove rotor screws that appear seized. Use a hand impact, looks like a large screw driver. All you do is apply left pressure to loosen and hit it with a hammer on the back while turning to the left. It's super easy.

GBass says:

What toe settings did you set it at?

GBass says:

A steering force change would indicate a change in caster.

GBass says:

I really like the extra jack stand security!

Japplesnap says:

Instead of a vice, you can compress the spring with your floor jack and tighten some industrial zip ties to keep it compressed and take it out.

Dan Ronks85 says:

great job Tommy

Isidro Alcantara says:

I was so adamant about not paying anyone to install mine that I ended up taking a whole week lol.

Carlos Alvarado says:

So Just to be clear, you linked the ohlins suspension in the description, but you actually upgraded to the X73 sport Suspension kit from Porsche right?

Chief G. says:

I can understand the coil overs since you don’t have PDCC but you haven’t even had this car on track yet and let’s be honest, you aren’t exactly a professional race driver, why did you find it necessary to swap out the sway bars? Was it just because you have been reading the forums and been told it will revolutionize your handling? I just want to warn you against that. I’ve got a 992 Carrera S and every Cars & Coffee or hour I browse the forums I’m told about all the ways I can tweak it. Please update us on the ride quality of the Ohlins in the softest setting.

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