3 things that DESTROY your Porsche [EASY FIX]

3 things that DESTROY your Porsche [EASY FIX]

Watch this before you destroy your Porsche. 3 things that can KILL your Porsche and HOW TO PREVENT THEM for beginners.

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Of course there are so many things that can destroy your Porsche, but there are several important things to consider, that most people wouldn’t consider it to be an issue.

1. Using the incorrect starting procedure. There seems to be a lot of bad advice floating around surrounding weather or not you need to let the Porsche warm up before driving it, or if you should just drive off and go mental. Well, the answer is none of those things, you see in the Porsche user manual, they state that you should start the engine, and start driving straight away, keep the revs low (I tend to keep the revs below 2000 rpm) until the engine oil temperature has reached normal operating temperatures. This is so the oil is warm, and can circulate into all moving parts of the engine. Failure to do this can cause bore scoring, which is more likely in the 986 Boxster, 987 Cayman & Boxster, 997 911 models. Once the engine is up to temperature, you can start increasing the revs to have fun.

2. Servicing the car correctly. Most Porsche have a very similar service schedule, which is an oil service every 10,000 miles, a minor service every 2 years, and a major service every 4 years. Failure to stick to this schedule can cause a lot of problems with the engine being starved of what it needs to run efficiently, clean air, clean oil, refreshed coolant, new spark plugs, new ignition coil packs and so much more. Not keeping to the service schedule can be the number 1 reason why Porsche engines fail and are sent to an early grave in the scrap yard. Don’t be in that number, service your Porsche regularly.

3. The 3rd thing that can destroy your Porsche is simply not driving it. This can be really bad for your Porsche, it can in some cases cause the IMS bearing to fail (along with other circumstances), it will cause flat sport on your tyres, it will cause suspension components and rubbers to dry up and become brittle. It is very important to keep your Porsche running and give it the exercise it needs. Studies show that cars that are driven more are far more likely to have a longer lifespan than cars that are not driven much at all.

This is of course, just the opinion of a bad youtuber, but at the point of making this video, i have owned 10 Porsches, and had my fair share of issues with 996, 997, 987, 986 cars, so I’ve been there done that, got the T shirt and the bills to go with it.

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Dorian Gray says:

What about the stupid impossible unscientific 2000 mile break-in the 718’s have? No other sports car has that high of a number. What to do?

piftie says:

Great tips even for general car ownership. Loved the 3rd point – GET OUT AND DRIVE!!

Augusto Barale says:

I'd add something else to the list.
Use a service garage that has experience with Porsches or use the dealership.
I tried twice to have my 987 Boxster S wheel alignment done by "competent" garages in my area and was let down big time.
The last one did such a horrible job that I had to take my car to get sorted at the dealership in Glasgow.
The technician at the dealership not only a very nice chap, but with over 15 years experience in Porsches had put my car back to factory spec and it drives like a dream now.
I know sometimes its hard to justify the dealership prices, but when you are dealing with your baby, its worth it.

Barrie Stevens says:

Nice video. Left me with a question though. Why do those (3rd) thing, ‘things’ (warning lights etc.) happen to a Porsche if not driven regularly? What is it about a Porsche that needs it to be used? Not a problem because I drive my 981 BS at every possible opportunity. Thanks for the vids, great info as always.

sciflyer67 says:

New Porsche owner today, and you answered some of my first questions.

S H says:

Sorry mate, but weak content. These points are obvious and applicable to all cars

Kent Goodwin says:

Cool video Satch.

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