Saved from the SCRAP! 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport Sedan with a STUCK engine! Will It Run?!?

Saved from the SCRAP! 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport Sedan with a STUCK engine! Will It Run?!?

A friend of mine who scraps old cars said he found a fairly complete old Pontiac with a stuck engine and let me know it was available for purchase before he sent it to the crusher. This Pontiac turned out to be a 1970 Lemans Sport 4 door hardtop with a 350 engine and TH350 transmission. Of course we couldn’t pass it up! Let’s see if we can get the old Poncho to live once again! If you’re interested in this car in the as seen condition it can be all yours for the low price of only $500 USD. As always, thanks for watching!

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Joseph Legocki says:

im getting kinda tired of watching you wrench on piles of shit and then to only attempt to sell at a much higher price than you bought it… when you actually restore something its good but not spending money to flip its bad…

BigBodyRyda Garage says:

Mortske, sir…your presence here is appreciated. F this Joe Schmoe.

Brian L says:

Restore it! You got into that Ponch engine and taught it a lesson… good luck

Terry Eustice says:

Took awhile Mortske. But a successful start and drive. Always Duff approved with his ride. Thank you for sharing! Think I would turn this back over to owner. Not worth flipping. Always love seeing the work.

Timothy carley says:

Setting your face on fire is a Big No-No

rick nelson says:

I have to hand it to you, you are a Genius! I love the Lemons video. As I say," If Mortske can't get er running, it's not worth running! Great job. I am having a celebration sammich!

Timothy carley says:

2:412:433:07 probable

Gary Dority says:

Way to stay committed! Most guys would have given up just based on the compression readings. Not to mention the timing and plug wiring debacle. I couldn't believe the starter didn't burst into flames. And then the tiny fireball! Duff must be tired from hunting. But he still knew enough to get his head inside the window as you crossed the railroad crossing, so he didn't get a headache. As always grateful for all your hard work and time. Keep it up!!

robert cools says:

I love Pontiacs and this one is great. We had a Firebird and it was a great looking car. This video broght back good memories. I would buy it just for fun . Thanks Mortske I am very happy.

Timothy carley says:

I Think the Powerglige got phased out 72'or 73'

once ashadetree says:

I'm impressed to all hell. You even blew that thing up and kept going. It dont seem to run half bad either. Too bad its beat on every corner, I'd almost buy it if I lived local. The last Pontiac I worked on (long ago) had the same timing/plug wire location issue …. must be a thing?

Timothy carley says:

All those chasis were the Same

Dan Frey says:

Is all the corn down in your area? How can you get a limit of 3 phezzers in standing corn? I WI the limit is 2 and the only way to get two here is to follow the chicken truck

Dan Frey says:

Cookie Man our 9 fingered HS shop teacher called it a glaze breaker. The 4 bladed stone we used to shine up the cylinder walls. Maybe a Wisconsin thing?

Jeanie Patterson says:

Ok. I watched it again. I’m kinda like you. Went from wondering why you brought this thing home to , well my goodness. He got it runnin and drivin. Good job!!

Steven Quigley says:


Ok, have to say it.. if you really like us, you would have power washed the engine, in your daisy dukes.. lolol

I had a 69 Olds Cutlass w/ the 350 in the early 70's. Would fire up with 1/2 a crank.

Tune ups were easy as dirt with the window in the Distributor, etc

Russ Bonneau says:

is it a 400?

Brian E. says:

Well done, sir! I woulda definitely given up on this one. Thanks for the entertains and learnins.

Dependable Auto Truck says:

I cut a piece of plexiglass and fasten to head with a cutout at top where u can completely fill

Joel Wood says:

Speaking of Lemons.
Think you have the inclination to find a $500 car and build a Lemons Race car? You, Chin and a couple of friends in the 24hrs of Lemons race.
Challenge Puddin to make a team and see if he will build a mini truck to race.

Michael Graham says:

Must have been one of the hardest ones to get go but you did it great job and video

Jeremy Williams says:

I'd have liked to see a compression test after you got it running and had a few heat cycles in it. Good video again, bud.

Jim Alesia says:

Did I see a Vista Cruiser????

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