QUICK FIX! Sticky Throttle on Mom's 1970 Pontiac GT-37 — Let's Get Her Back on the Road!

QUICK FIX! Sticky Throttle on Mom's 1970 Pontiac GT-37 — Let's Get Her Back on the Road!

Many of you have asked about this 1970 Pontiac GT37, so here is a little bit of it! I needed to fix the throttle on it so my Mom can get back to enjoying her Pontiac! If you guys like this, I will probably make more of these bite-sized Quick Fix Videos.

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Kevin White says:

My uncle has a 69 GTO convertible. We've been all over that car..love it. Black in black with the 400. 4speed

armando patane says:

Mom has a gto also = WHAT WHAT

Redrubarbcustom Fab co says:

I just tricked this woman into making me calzones and washing my pants . Not actually talking about your video, just bragging

Harvyss says:

Well now there you go! Your face should be rust free now for the rest of the day!

Thump Er the Sweaty Fat Guy says:

The 65's cable was very stiff, it was binding when it was connected to the throttle arm. It broke last year so I replaced it with the one from the 65 LeMans, and that one works great. Did you get a big yellow box? I figured you could finish them how you want since I didn't get them done before the busy warm months showed up.

Rick Rice says:

Now Mom can’t use “the gas petal stuck” excuse the next time she’s pulled over….

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