Pontiac V8 Rebuild, Part 21: Engine Install, in Real Time! Super Fast…

Pontiac V8 Rebuild, Part 21:  Engine Install, in Real Time!  Super Fast…

Finally! The engine is going back into the GOAT! This is just a quick update video, so we can get back to installing our TREMEC TKO 600. Subscribe to watch Mike finish this engine build and re-install it into his 1969 Pontiac GTO Restomod, in his home garage! If he can do this at home, so can you! “Engine Install, in real time.”, is Part 21 of this Pontiac 400/455 rebuild, but can be applied to all motor types. Have fun!

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This is a very thorough description of what to do, how to do it, and what to watch out for. Mike is in the middle of rebuilding his Pontiac 400, which is now a Butler Performance 467, because a Roller Lifter Broke! (see link below). Enjoy!

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Here’s the original Hydraulic Roller Lifter Fail Inspection, and process:

Here’s the Official Part 1, where Mike starts the preparation of Engine removal

Enjoy, and ask questions by leaving a comment below… See you on the other side!

See the build pics, before and after, at www.fastmontysgarage.com

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Dirty Bird says:

The moment of dropping the heart and soul into your ride. Your right. Lots of anxiety then to step back and see it when it's finally bolted in and the engine hoist is away, what a feeling of pride. Great job Monty.

joseph scott says:

Why do you guys have mask that stops liquids AND NOTHING ELSE ???

Thierry Fischer says:

Hey! Good thing done!

greg schultz says:

Good To See You Got That Engine In ,Trying To Sneak One In On A Tuesday ,The Gear Heads Will Be Knocking Your Door Down For The Chinese Flu Helmet Mask ,Good Idea !!!!

Clint Kopshinsky says:

Long time waiting for the engine mount great job!

Clinton Kennedy says:

Where can I get one of those fancy covid helmets?!

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