Pontiac G6 Headlight Bulb and Wiring Connector Replacment

Pontiac G6 Headlight Bulb and Wiring Connector Replacment

I’ll show you how to completely remove the headlight and replace the wiring connector made simple on your 2007 Pontiac G6.



Douchey_ says:

I followed your video exactly. I got the headlight working, but now my turn signal bulb is no longer working. Tried a new bulb, and nothing. Would you know what went wrong?

Daniel Hickman says:

So I'm having to do this to my 09 g6 on both headlights but the wires on the new connector is red and blue which one do I connect the red to? Would the red go to the yellow and the blue to the black

Brandon Brewer says:

Bought the same one from Oreillys and wasn't sure why there was 3 wires, nor were they. Appreciate the video!

Bill Rosman says:

I bought a new connector from Parts Geek for a 2007 G6 and the bundle isn't going on. I'm pretty sure my wire connections I've twisted together solid. I know its not the bulb, I just bought a new one. Coming out of the car are 2 black wires and 1 yellow. The harness I bought online has a white wire and a black. So I wrapped the 2 black wires together and then connected it to my harness black, then connected the yellow to the harness white. Used some grease. Is it possible perhaps I should connect the 2 car blacks to the harness white and the car yellow to the harness black? I don't want to damage the car by hooking up the wrong wires. Thanks.

CGone DFishing says:

AcDelcon (soon to be updated) is what I went with. Thanks for the Video!

Johnny Q says:

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

fuck you says:

My same exact one is is randomly not working. Thanks for the vid

Alyx Harris says:

I've done everything here. Low beam still won't work. Anyone know anything

Dan Mart says:

do you find it shorts again often

J. Richard Moore says:

Thanks for taking the time. Can't tell you how many times I have removed my headlight assembly to jiggle the wires around.

John soms says:

Big help. Thank you!

Roami Zane says:

When you take off the headlamp push inwards on the corner instead of fighting the bumper and headlamp. It will not touch the frame when you pull it out.

Dale Mihocik says:

The grease goes on the red ring of the bulb , not on the connector pins . For a more permanent fix use a ceramic connector .

Logan Johnson says:

What about a wing it to connect the wires together?

Morghan says:

So is tht the same process with all for or just the front lights also how much did all of this cost u do uh know

Victoria Yarbrough says:

What is the name of that main wire that connects from the car to the headlight

Wavy Kay says:

Ordering the exact ones from AC Delco through Amazon! Thanks!

Jim Patterson says:

Nice video. Helped me alot. I used electrical tape and wire caps both. Worked like a charm. Thank you!

montarious mccullough says:

Where the got the wire from and what’s the name of it

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