Pontiac Fiero 3800 HOW TO:FieroRog Bracket/Mounting Engine to Trans/Install supercharger Belt

Pontiac Fiero 3800 HOW TO:FieroRog Bracket/Mounting Engine to Trans/Install supercharger Belt

Follow my build here:

The content seen in this video is for reference use only. Every engine/transmission will be unique in various ways. Please confirm the proper setup needed for your particular engine and transmission. I’m hoping to eventually be a one stop shop for most of your Fiero 3800 Installation and parts information. These 3800 installation videos will be broken down into different build segments so keep checking back for new videos.

WCF V-6 Engine Mount

Pioneer Flexplate

Flex Plate Bolts

Torque Converter Bolts



Anthony Macaluso says:

Thank you soooo much for all the time you have spent making all these videos, can you sell me a set of the axles you have built? I'll take your used ones, pretty please


Whats with the blue nail polish?

keith Pankey says:

do I just use the stock from the 3800 sc engine flex plate and torque converter or do I have to buy speachal ones

Special Operator says:

@8:52 Listen!!!!! It’s a fuckin JAWA !!!!!


You look like Scotty killmur with the welding glasses

MicTheGreaseMonkey says:

whats with the sunnies dude?

Mrdubomb says:

Someone should come out with an assembly that would incorporate front mount, alt bracket, tensioner pulley mount, etc, etc all in one,

lv2surf says:

Great videos…I wish you lived next door. I just got a 87 GT Project car…..Keep up the good work!

James eberstein says:

Have 1985 gt fun car plan to rebuild with 3.8 , you make this so much easier, thanks for your AWSOME contributions.

Terry La Tunguley says:

I just put a down payment on a donor Pontiac Grand Prix 1999 Super charged 3800. For my 87 Fiero with the 5 speed , 2.5 litre engine

Hank Southworth says:

I have a stock 87 fiero I hate the rear calipers do you know of a replacement caliper that bolts up that doesn't have that horriable parking brake design

Michael James says:

i'd like to see you make a start-up video when you get your 3800sc finished. Thanks for all your efforts. Many future guys doing 3800 swaps will benefit greatly…! I really enjoy your videos…keep up the good work…!

Michael James says:

I noticed that you don't have your bump-steer corrected, to make your car go down the road properly and not jump all over the place when you hit a bump, or trucker's tire grooves; and handle better on the auto-cross. You can pay over $700 for the fancy looking kit, or you can correct it yourself the next time you have the cradle off. Go to my face book photos, click on albums, then find the one for bump-steer fix. It's easy to do and makes your Fiero handle like a dream. It's a stupid engineering design flaw that never should have existed. You will love the difference in handling.

Michael James says:

I forgot to mention… There are a couple how-to video on you tube on making your own poly mounts.

Michael James says:

Good video as usual…! The Roger Peters front bracket is a good choice because it transfers the torque to both sides of the engine,. Effectively counteracting for tension and compression from the engine torque. Now the tension and compression must be transferred into the engine mount, and sadly neither one of those mounts you chose will do that as good as the stock mount, as they both just rock back and forth on a single round bolt. There is a reason the stock mount has two bolts, and that is to counter the tension and compression of the torque. That is why I chose to use a new stock mount with two bolts which will effectively transfer the compression and the tension of Roger's bracket. Sadly no one makes a front poly mount that counters the torque of the engine like the stock one does, but there is an easy solution to that too… Just go to your local hobby shop that sells art supplies and buy some liquid poly that they use to make molds. Just add the amount of catalyst to the hardness or softness that you want, die it a color if you like and pour your own poly mount. Now you will have a poly mount designed to transfer the compression and torque into the frame and making the engine more stable. This will take more stress off the transmission mounts and the dog bone.

koolgtz says:

I own a 87 3800sc 5spd and have been thinking of doing a 3800sc auto project. Your videos has been great in let me know what to expect if I decide to do it.


Thank you for your work. I still own 2 1988 Formula's . Your videos are great way to learn. Keep up the good work.

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