How to install gauges by Autometer, Part 2 – Mechanical Oil Pressure

How to install gauges by Autometer, Part 2 – Mechanical Oil Pressure

It’s time for a Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge, for my Pontiac, by Autometer. All because I don’t like second guessing my 50 year old dash gauge and sending unit. Last episode we found a gauge location, and installed a Mechanical Water Temperature gauge. If you missed it, check out the first rebuild episode were I tear down the engine, the bearings were toast! Resulting in LOW OIL PRESSURE! Hence my need for mechanical gauges.

In this episode, “How to install a Mechanical Oil Pressure gauge, by Autometer, Part 2”, we review the three different types of gauges (Mechanical, Air Core, and Digital Stepper Motor with Solid state sending unit) While this is applicable to any engine, this particular video will show the back up pressure port on a Pontiac 400. Enjoy!

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Part’s and/or supplies used in this video series;
From AutoMeter;
Mechanical Water Temperature, Traditional Chrome 2 1/16″ Autometer #2433

3/8 NPT Adapter for Water Temp Probe; Autometer #2263

Radiator Hose Adapter, if needed; Autometer # 2283

Mechanical Oil Pressure; Traditional Chrome, Autometer #2421

Mechanical Fuel Pressure; Autometer #2412

-4 AN Fuel Line for Fuel Pressure Gauge. 3ft. Autometer #3227

Universal Mount, Autometer #2238

Here’s the latest Walk Around of the GTO, filmed by

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Ricky Outhouse says:

I ran copper tubing the plastic line broke in the cold weather and Squirting oil in the cabin of my 1971 442

Paul Campbell says:

Is that the same for all blocks ? My son has a new built engine and is running to the filter housing and showing low pressure at ide ?

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