DDM Short Throw Shifter Install on Pontiac Solstice

DDM Short Throw Shifter Install on Pontiac Solstice

I install a DDM Short Throw Shifter on my Pontiac Solstice GXP. After driving around with it for a little bit of time I really do like the new shifter and the install was really simple. If you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂



Desert Sky says:

How do you like the short throw mod now that you’ve had it for awhile? Was it worth it over the stock throw?

Kardo Piro says:

Do you know how to change the shift knob? And what shift knob would actually work! Thanks I’m advance

Adults Are Talking says:


Oh Boy says:

The 3/16” Allen screw has loctite on it. Heat it with a small flame or pin torch and it will screw right out.

T H says:

What do you mean by notchy? Good or bad


what a waste of $$$$

Oscar Couch says:

That boot keeps water out of the car when driving in rain.. Knock out revitheads with punch or chisel and remove boot.

tvaughn says:

What is the purpose of the short throw?

Spetsnaz Russia says:

Could you check out https://youtu.be/oHF0nA2F8g0
Channel he has good videos about the solstice i was wondering what you think of his heat videos ? Maybe it would be necessary to do what he does to deal with the heat of the car or not ?

Cristian Gonzalez says:

Im having trouble with 3/16 bolt I can’t get it off is so tight is there any other way I can take it out ?

Cristian Gonzalez says:

What did you grease the thing with? Like what grease or what?

Buck Ward says:

Andrew; When I took mine apart I notice a few chunks of a tiny bushing/washer broke in half on each side..discarded them but did not know what they where, did you see these on your install as well? Also..I found that drilling out the rivets prevented cutting the boot and using bolts to re-install it kept the larger boot intact.

UpperRobin29 says:

yeah that 3/16 bolt isn't budging for me (edit)
Man that bolt was the hardest part of the installation lol. had to tap it out with a hammer a few times to knock it loose

RedLegs13B says:

Great vid brother!

Jeffrey Fulmer Gardner says:

Nice video man!

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