Big plastic Engine covers – big problem

Big plastic Engine covers – big problem


@justsurfing2510 says:

Maybe auto manufactures practice DEI hiring as so many companies do, which could explain why Boeing is doing so poorly these last several years, IMO.

@ricknowak4524 says:

I totally agree with you Dave I'm a technician to and I hate the fact that every newer vehicle has the whole engine cover with wasted plastic same with the bottom of the vehicle covered in plastic it takes a technician about a half hour just to remove the plastic covers before you can actually work on it.

@buntabenta says:

My dad used to hate all the plastic on cars these days i still don't understand why they quit making steel cars my first car was a 70 monti wish i still had it instead of all this plastic junk!!!

@nycarpenter says:

Unmetered air is the problem. Air is coming in after MAF…

@NoRespec1 says:

Now you need up side down this plastic cower and cerfully conect bottom parts

@ShadBaker says:

The government has decided the the life of a vehicle is 5 years 50 thousand miles junk it go buy a new one every five years that plastic cover should never have to come off so they don’t care about better engineering just like fail puns instead of drift keys or key ways

@jhernandez3107 says:

Chinese; GM WHAT IN HELL.?

@danielhertz7266 says:

Planned obsolescence

@henrymichaelwilson8107 says:

All cars and pick up trucks have that plastic cover on now. I think it's a stupid Idea for making the engine run hot. You know your self it won'ts to be kept cool. If it's a intercooler fair enough. The best thing to do with that plastic thing is Chuck it away.

@illitero says:

I've had extended rants over this EXACT integrated component nonsense. Absolutely ZERO reason for it.

@monfao2622 says:

What an idiot design on so mamy levels!! Imagine how many ppl worked on this and how many approvals were given till this PoS got produced and implemented. I'm speechless!

@Mastermechanicman says:

I used to own a 1986 custom deluxe Chevrolet long bed truck with a 350 4 bolt main, two barrel Manchester carburetor with dynomax headers HEI distributor glass packs and straight pipes out the rearend. Sounded like a top fuel dragster! I had the Goodyear Eagle NASCAR tires on her! She looked and sounded mean! You could hear every cylinder hit.

@user-kw7zb8qw1u says:

Catch can or two but remember to empty it

@scott1395 says:

I have a 97 7.3 powerstroke! I noticed the rubber boots on wire terminals under plastic cover on top of engine were cracking! I realized the cover was holding heat, so i removed cover to never be put back on! Wire damage subsided! She has 457,000 miles on her now!

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