4 Speed '72 Pontiac GTO, @butlerperformancepontiac 461 Stroker Motor & Sniper EFI! First Ride!

4 Speed '72 Pontiac GTO, @butlerperformancepontiac  461 Stroker Motor & Sniper EFI! First Ride!

This is Jerry’s 1972 Pontiac GTO. Its been on the channel before, but not quite like this. He has owned this car a long time and it has had a couple of refreshed engines in its lifetime. But it has never had a Butler Performance 461 Stroker Kit engine in its engine bay before. We take it for a rip fresh after its recent install and brand new 3″ flowmaster exhaust. Jerry and Mike, both friends of mine, built the engine using Butler performance parts and stock pontiac pieces they sourced locally. This engine runs hard and hopefully lasts a long time. Thanks for watching!



@jamestaylor3737 says:

I don’t think 4:10 gears are gonna be as drivable.I think you should get 3:23 or 3:42. Man I love that car I remember seeing the build sheet on the other vid.

@dakotastimeout2827 says:

Wow!! That’s a top notch ride! I love Pontiac’s. What camshaft specs looks like it performs really well.

@dirtyderick4018 says:

How many 72's GTO have 4 speed's? I thought by 72 4 speed's automatic transmission is all you got

@markakullian4623 says:

Had a phs documented 72 gto 400 4spd ac car. All judge options even though it was dropped in 71. No badging but everything else

@soilsmanadv6673 says:

72 was the last year of the true GTO. the 65 is my favorite but I think the 66-67 are the best aesthetic design. That said any mopar engine 340ci or bigger are better and more build-able engines. Neither are cheap to build but the big block mopars are my favorite torque monsters.

@landonsheffield6160 says:

That GTO is too cool. I'd pick the GTO! I'm restoring a 70 Bee but the 70-72 GTOs have become one of my favorites.

@jerryfellows7207 says:

Both rides are awesome,,, but I have to pic the GTO, until the HEMI goes into the cornett. 🙂

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