03-08 Pontiac Vibe/ Toyota Matrix Fog Light housing assembly replacement Tutorial

03-08 Pontiac Vibe/ Toyota Matrix Fog Light housing assembly replacement Tutorial

Got an 03-08 Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix with a broken fog light? You come to the right place! Hopefully my tutorial is easy to follow. This was a video of me figuring out as I went along, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made. Please leave a thumbs up if you like it!

This works for the following cars :
2003 Pontiac Vibe
2004 Pontiac Vibe
2005 Pontiac Vibe
2006 Pontiac Vibe
2007 Pontiac Vibe
2008 Pontiac Vibe
2003 Toyota Matrix
2004 Toyota Matrix
2005 Toyota Matrix
2006 Toyota Matrix
2007 Toyota Matrix
2008 Toyota Matrix



The Real Michael Phelps says:

I’m thinking of making a part 2 video to replace my other very pitted fog light, considering I bought two and one looks new and the other is very worn out looking.

Any suggestions to what a part 2 should be like? I was thinking of showing some better detail on that piece that protrudes through the back, some close ups and better detail. I think I shot this on an iPhone 8 lol so perhaps a better camera is in store. I also have a good desktop microphone for better voice over as well. Anyways let me know in the comments if I can make a better part 2. Thanks.

H L says:

Great video! You definitely deserve the cookies!

Xavier Ganivet says:

Thanks man you helped so much

Corey says:

What kind of tutorial or instruction video is this I can't even hear your voice the audio is very very poor back to the drawing board

Mel Stauber says:

Simple, effective . . . well done. Changed and ready to sell.

Ed Brandt says:

Thanks. This helped

Michelle Landry says:

Currently sitting in my car outside a Kenny u pull to get this part because my fog light assembly broke lol much appreciated!

Taffen Felspar says:

For a first effort, Dang Good Job! Thanks!

Abraham K says:

Awesome video with great tips for the average joe. Thank you!

LukeCoolidge says:

For your celebration on this video you should of done the Tim Allen grunt from home improvement and kept the cookies private for your own personal feat.

Mike Mining KDA says:

Good Job..watching this really helped me out..

BubblePuppy says:

Also they are adjustible for aiming up and down. Mine was pointed pretty far down and did not help much for down road sight. Counter clockwise brings them up.

RAMTEK says:

You're right. You're no mechanic. Keep trying. You're young.

Mike Drudge says:

Appreciate a well-done video by a normal dude. Good job.

Alan Fox says:

These lights seem to be prone to breaking. The fog lights were broken when I bought the car used. The fog lights were replaced and a month later they were both broken again.

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