Where to find and how to remove the SPARE WHEEL – Peugeot 307 SW (2005)

Where to find and how to remove the SPARE WHEEL – Peugeot 307 SW (2005)

Location of SPARE WHEEL in Peugeot 307 SW (2005). I also explain and show the removal of the SPARE TIRE.
Hope it helps.



servulo gutierrez says:

mi llanta de repuesto no baja apresar que le doy cuentas para nos lado Po Steve que se a trabado

Michael Jugg says:

Great convenient design on getting out the spare wheel

Daniel Forde-Pogson says:

Great video as always – but the spare on the 307 is THE stupidest design in the history of cars.

Johnny Connelly says:

Scary to think the whole things held by one wire..imagine if it fails on a motorway..

Jimmy the mower says:

Great video my friend. Just the information I needed.

Thank you very much,

Jimmy the Mower

Mounir Gaba says:

Thank you , i have thé same car ,i Taked taxi,when, i had this problèm

Philip Oliveira says:

Thanks mate

Svetoslav Stoianov says:

imagine doing this in snow, -10C…they just could make trunk deeper, access it from the top…

Luis Simoes says:

Not an easy system. I have a 307 and a 208 and the 208 is simpler

Borivoje Svelja says:

bracala najjaci si! bro you are great, greetings from serbia

Егор Иванович says:

Братан, обратно это колесо не поставить

Адвокат Эркаев says:

I bought a jack and then watched your video))

lies decector says:

Tragedia aby wymienić kolo

Kernow Forester says:

Thanks. I have a 308 SW. This is the worst system I have ever seen. The winding mechanism for the cable on my car isn't very good, it barely winds up and down, almost as if it is slipping. May have to remove and dismantle to see if it can be fixed. The tyre should have been in a well inside the car. The rest of the car is fine, compares to other makes such as Ford, Renault and Vauxhall I have owned or had as company vehicles.

Rahimo 30 says:

ههههه الله يسمح من روضة هذي عد متور هذا

mike perks says:

Unwind the cable all the way / A lot easier.

Bouaazza Bouaazza says:

Thank you so mucho

Kiril Ganchev says:

The 307 (I own one) is an easy car to work with, many things are user-friendly, but not the spare wheel for sure. I removed mine for inspection after watching this video, it looked alright, put it back, but it looks I haven't placed it back properly (the problem was with the cover of the car jack) and it fell down once on the road. It was loud! Then a friend helped me to place it back properly, but then I used it again for a flat tyre and it is still in my trunk now. Time to put it back again. Stupid design for sure.
But thank you for the explanation. Helpful 🙂

مروان كرشاش says:

Merde la français pour cette stupidité

vieri031 says:

Are there really people who buy french cars?

Kiril Ganchev says:

I bought my 307 sw 3 months ago and yesterday watched this video, because I wanted to check my spare tyre to make sure its OK if something happens. The wheel was fine, I cleaned it a bit and today I tried to lift it back. But it looks like I haven't placed the wire end properly and while driving the spare wheel fell down along with the box. Glad no car crashed at it, I took it back, but while driving with 80 km/h you can imagine how awful it was, especially the sound. It even removed a bit my back bumper and broke a piece of it, but that's alright. I have put the wheel back with the help of a friend, just hoping it's okay this time. So a double check if everything's alright is always good. And this system definitely sucks.

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