Turbo exhaust whistle review

Turbo exhaust whistle review


@NateRider says:

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@RunsHappy says:

Wow. What a stupid thing. We don't need more noise from insecure twats.


Mustang “ you gotta hawk tuah on that thang”

@Cor430vette says:

Only a loser would do s fake whistle!

@christmassnow3465 says:

I thought they would whistle. Try to install a Vuvuzela instead.

@user-sx4iy4cb3c says:

Your car is too loud you probaly need a SRT

@mrDADtheSecond says:

Exhaust tips and whistle needs be simliar size

@techjuanjo says:

I bet it had an extra 200 hp for 4 seconds

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