Steering Wheel Cover. How To Restore Steering Wheel Peugeot, Citroen.

Steering Wheel Cover. How To Restore Steering Wheel Peugeot, Citroen.

How to Restore the Steering Wheel if it is erased?
I will show you how to make a new Steering Wheel Covers.


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Oleg ZW says:

Другие видеоролики по перетяжке руля:
Other video steering wheel covers:

Руслан Абрамович says:

Олег здравствуйте…
Какой шов, вы шьёте, и какой диаметр нитки,и какого качества.
На видео плохо видно когда вы зашиваете… Спасибо.

Nikola Tasic says:

Yeah, I think he's done this before 😀

José Manuel Mendoza Mena says:

Muy buen trabajo. Excelente video

Ron Lee says:

Excellent worksmanship!

Валерий Арабин says:

Приветствую. Каким средством стираете ненужные линии от карандаша после изготовлении лекало на каучуковом материале??

After Eight says:

Really well done, Oleg.
Thanks for sharing your skills.

Prince Mensah says:

That really professional work

Darko Kormann says:

Gut gemacht aber es ist Kunstleder kein echtleder!

Matias Vazquez says:

thanks!! awesome job

Mauricio Martinez says:

Cuánto vale ese trabajo?


Was this real leather or synthetic Leather? I noticed the material was white on the back side. Is there a certain mm thickness of leather you recomend?

fancy goldfish says:

Very well done .perfect work .

Snnsjsks Msnsmsm says:

Tangkap Ibrahim saaado

Coach painting cars and vans says:

Hi what’s the glue called? And where can I buy it please?
Thank you Regards Steve

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