Rear Brake Disc Renewal – Peugeot 307 & Peugeot 308

Rear Brake Disc Renewal – Peugeot 307 & Peugeot 308

How to remove and replace the rear brake discs in a 2001 to 2008 Peugeot 307 and a 2007 to 2012 Peugeot 308. These are the brake discs that have the rear wheel bearings built into them. Thanks for watching, please comment, like and subscribe !.

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el loco fusca says:

All the 307 are the same? I mean, all 307 have this kind of “assembly” of brake disk and hub or there’s another model with independent brake disk? Thank you so much. Greetings from Uruguay.

Terry Jones says:

once car has been lowered, and is what's known as kerb weight, always torque the wheel studs to spec

Aziz Akbiyik says:

1:44 Before replacing the brake disc, you should replace the Tire, it's almost out of tread.

Güven Ünal says:

For people who watch this video and want change brakes. Dont forget the ABS Ring. İn the new disc there is often the abs ring not included.

Smiffy Man says:

What about the hydraulic plunger? You won’t get new pads in if the old ones are worn right down and the calliper plunger needs adjusting to fully open.

CSR ALN says:

How often do you have to change the break pads and rotors? Any signs that they are worn enough for a change? It is ok to only change the front or rear brakes? Not all at the same time

Hector El ultimo romántico says:

Se puede rectificar los disco de un Peugeot 307 ? Quien me puede ayudar? Pregunto necesito un buen consejo Gracias!!

Martyn Stubbs says:

Looks so easy , great job thanks, Peugeot garage £500 , I could save loads

Jeff Burkett says:

If possibity of reusing hubnut always good idea to make an opposite notch with angle grindet for staking in fresh position.

Carlos Henrique Noronha de Aguiar says:

This serves to C3 1.6 too!

Costy M. says:

Felicitări pentru aceasta prezentare este o lecție bună. Succes

Passengervehicles says:

Good video, thanks

toxmaster1 says:

Good job but when you disassemble all that stuf you should have show how to clean abs sensor (common problem on 307) , lubricate caliper guide pins,…etc

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