Peugeot 207 Very Cheap Crash Repair 2009 Part 1

Peugeot 207 Very Cheap Crash Repair 2009 Part 1

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This episode on the Peugeot 207 very cheap crashed repair i remove the two doors and do a service



Edward Alan Newton says:

Why don't you ask for the front wing too

SuperMinimadness says:

De ionised water or distilled water (battery top up) for the coolant mix


207 have pop rivets 208 don’t

David Dominiak says:

Great video Mark and I would think the doors would come in for about £65 to £70 each! As they are in colour and would match perfectly hopefully and when you have the doors it should not take long to finish the car to pass it onto it's next owner! Stay safe and see you soon on the next one Mark

Paul Woods says:

Did you do a coolant system flush, or just replace the coolant? What's the cam belt condition like?

Only Me says:

Wont be a wagon Mark. The lower underrun bar would do low down damage. I agree with the other comment. A overhanging scaffold bar or similar.

chris cocker says:

i would wait for price drop on those doors mark

wayne newcombe says:

I was thinking damage may have came from a scaffolding lorry or a loading platform.

Karter says:

I reckon it's good shout on two doors at fifty a pop, you need a drop glass for the rear anyway

Adam says:

The damage looks like the same shape as a roof tile.

alan moore says:

Why negotiating price with the doors why don't you ask him to throw the front wing it

Sprograt says:

You shouldn't put ordinary tap water in car radiators as it contains minerals that leave deposits in the cooling system. It's best to use distilled water.

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