Peugeot 107 Water Leak in Boot, Repair “Seal Rear Lights”

Peugeot 107 Water Leak in Boot, Repair “Seal Rear Lights”

How to repair the leak, no new parts.
A Great alternative to silicone is Boss white, it wont set solid but still repels the water Link on Amazon is £7.99
Good old silicone link,£5
Silicone gun,£5
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Olli says:

Hey good explained video. But… Did it solve the problem? Or did you also have to reseal the vents behind the rear bumper? Best regards from Germany

David Peverley says:

I found a cure got mine without removing the light, my wheel well had over 2 inches of water, The lights are actual water waysvgov U cut a strip of rubber from some double glazing strips and inserted these around the top area of both lights, pushing them in to this space, now after several days of heavy rain there is no sign of ANY WATER so there will be no problem removing the lights, why did they not insert a kind of rubber strip around the light from the start, money saving no doubt

Beccs Smith says:

Most helpful how to fix water leak out of all the many I've watched

SlowSteadySteve says:

Being a novice is there a special type of silicone sealant to buy great vid thanks

Question Everything says:

I have owned my Aygo for 12 years and chased this leak, it got worse with age,

I found that the leak got worse when snow was on the roof, a clue,

I found the high level brake light, the oval one above the rear window was at fault,

If you look closely at the top of the light and the area it seals against, you can see a gap where the foam seal has shrunk and would allow a large amount of water in behind the roof liner,

Either the red plastic of the lens warps over time or the foam seal shrinks due to UV,

I took it out cleaned both sides put masking tape around the light and put a bead around where the light would sit,

Just the top half of the light should be enough as water normally doesn't travel upwards,

I then lightly screwed the lens in position and used a lolly pop stick to profile the silicone,

Then when it dried i could do it up to "squish" the sealant for a better seal,

When i bought my car in 2009 i knew about the reported leaks,

It was not clear where the leak were coming from, but that high level brake light looks like it was the reason, on Aygo at least,

The Pug, and Citroen have the same high level light,

It would also make it look like the rear lights were leaking as the water would flow past the rear of the light clusters to make it look like that was the fault,

Great video as always, hope this helps someone as left it will start to send your rear seat and seat belts mouldy,

I also pulled off the sodden recycled fabric off the back of the boot carpet and threw it away.

Andy Wade says:

Brilliant video thank you and just frustrating you have to go to this trouble for this car in the first place. Very clear instructions and really appreciated.

dj keczap says:

you know what kind of silicone do you use for the lamps?

GROSLAPIN411 says:

Super j'ai le même problème avec ma 107, but silicone quel sorte what silicone

Haawser says:

Yeah, the biggest problem with these leaks is that when you get in the thing on a cold morning there's more water (in the form of condensation) on the inside of the screen than on the outside. Stop the leaks, make sure the other seals are ok, and it isn't a problem.

Ali Ashoury says:

good morning, i followed your interesting interventions on peugout 107 and i would like to ask you how to repair srs air bag spy exploded steering wheel and seat belt pretension store i would be very grateful to help me to visualize the sensor and the cable behind the front bumper thank you very much

kirsty says:

I am trying to replace the bolt on the light as just realised I am missing the bottom one any ideas what size I need and we're to get in from ? Sorry usless with cars

Armando Ramirez says:

How do you change the back lights when is glued down ? Could you not get a new seal are is that to easy

LoneBird 2935 ORG says:

I had to go through this twice, finally it worked out fine. Thanks!

David Barber says:

Might be worth replacing bulbs with LEDs while you are at it.

Mark Chamberlain says:

Nice video (again!). Noticed today my daughter's C1 right rear light cluster has about 2" of water collected, probably after the monsoon we had on Friday! Left hand carpet a bit wet too so will follow your steps to cure both issues.


if we want remove the taillights 🙂 what we gonna do

mikeibby69 says:

Grande Punto 2008 similar design with sponge. Used clear silicone. Much better but still a little trickle down the side but minimal really to what it was like before. Went to take the light off the sponge stuck to the car! Glued it back on the light back and reapplied silicone. I may try the White plumbers paste you mention in the Focus video if it persists.

Judge Dead says:

what i do with these is clean behind the light autoglym it so the water runs off it instead of slowly running down it then use heavy grease round the lamp foam to stop it getting in so light comes out easy agian 😀 or use red never dry sealer altho its expensive

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