Install Bluetooth Audio Module on Peugeot & Citroen Radio RD4, RD45, RD43

Install Bluetooth Audio Module on Peugeot & Citroen Radio RD4, RD45, RD43

Peugeot Citroen install bluetooth module radio. Activate Audio Aux IN with Diagbox. Tested it on RD4, RD43, RD45 radio CD Peugeot Citroen.
– Plug and play Bluetooth module + microphone:
– Bluetooth AUX Audio Adapter with Microphone Handsfree:
– Bluetooth Module Stereo AUX-IN Audio Adapter:
– Bluetooth Module RCA Stereo AUX-IN Audio Adapter:
– Diagbox / Lexia 3 / PP2000 (choose the most expensive, it’s the best):
– Quick Splice Terminals Connectors:
– Radio removal keys:
– Peugeot & Citroen Radio RD4, RD43, RD45 wiring diagram (pinout):

Original Radio RD45 bluetooth with screen type “C”, cables and microphone, including VIN coding:
Original Radio RD45 bluetooth (only radio unit):
Red screen Type “C” :

Buy Andoid Multimedia Player:
– Peugeot 407:
– Peugeot 207 Android 7 inch:
– Peugeot 308 Android 7 inch:
– Peugeot 206 Android 7 inch display:
– Peugeot 206 Android 9 inch display:
– Peugeot 3008 Android 7 inch:
– Peugeot 3008 Android 9 inch (2009+):

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Comment avoir le Bluetooth sur la autoradio Peugeot /Citroën/DS



Carlos Casares says:

Hola Adrián! Quería saber si es posible que el Bluetooth se encienda solamente cuando esté en input 1
Es posible? O si o si cuando el stereo está encendido?
Ya que no quiero estar escuchando la radio y que el Bluetooth siga encendido.
Muchas gracias

Christophe says:

Hello Adrian, thanks for the video which gives ample time to follow each step. What module should I get for a Peugeot 807, year 2008? thanks a lot!

Geo Stav says:

Hi Adrian. Nice videos. I have a DS3 with the type A screen (simple type) and no bluetooth. What is the easiest and cheapest way to connect a mobile to the car stereo with microphone? Is there a dongle/adaptor or do I have to change the screen and radio together?

David Pham says:

can I plug the same adapter into cd slot ? and use "cd" source as bluetooth

Viktor #74 says:

Hi, thx for the video, i have a question, my car didnt have the pin 11 cable , so i conected to the pin 12 ( battery +12v powwered radio) , works but im wondering if will drain my battery ?

D J says:

Can't thank you enough as I have many tips and info for my car from you. How could connect a computer/laptop to the car? Where I could buy a cable?

MaximusVA says:

Hi there,
I buyed a bluetooth module for my citroen c5 (2006).
I connected everything as shown in the video but the I do not get a bluetooth signal, do you got any idea why?(I used Quick Splice Connectors)
(PS: Im pretty sure I got the right pins)

Senami Sinero says:

Thanks for this video. Do you have any other recommendation to buy a Diagbox as your previous link is not working anymore ?

Marcos R says:

Will this audio bluetooth module be compatible if my peugeot 207 has got an USB apdter? It cames with the USB adapter when I bought the car new in 2008.

krzysztof kononowicz says:

Hi! let me know that using the Lexia to programming this bluetooth module to correct using with phone is required or not? how to use this one module without Lexia? Should I just switch my radio to AUX and try to use? (Citroen C5 2005)

Luis R says:

Hola Adrián muy buen video una consulta ése módulo bluetooth sera compatible con radio Siemens vdo rcd4 12-30 que viene en mi citroen c4 sedan diésel saludos desde Chile

Ernest Grigoryan says:

Hola Adrian, con esta instalacion se pueden seguir utilizando los controladores (subir bajar volumen, cruise control,etc) detras del volante?

Emanuel Caires says:

hello thank you for the video, have installed on my 207 but if the volume is on max it disconnects from the phone and keep trying to connect do you have any idea?

Mihai-Gabriel Iancu says:

Salut . Se potrivește pt 207 fără ieșire aux ?

Cedric Caro says:

Hi, thx a lot for this tutorial. Just a question, the module turn off when you turn off the car ? Because when I turn off the car, my smartphone still connected to the bluetooth module and I don't want any problem with my car battery.

Dávid Juhász says:

Is it necessary to use blue and red connector?

Nuno Amaral says:

Does it work on a Citroën C4 Grand Picasso year 2007 with OEM radio?

shane keeley says:

Can this be done without the software? and also can it be wired so the Bluetooth is on even if the ignition is off?

Dmitry Kozlovsky says:

Thank you for the video:-)

Radi Yahia says:

Thank you for this!!

Prolight Solutions says:

am un 407 direct cu microfon deoarece are funcția aia de apel oare pot sa folosesc doar modulul asta ?

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