Install a new Dashcam Nextbase 522GW FR Peugeot 2008 2019

Install a new Dashcam Nextbase 522GW FR Peugeot 2008 2019

Installing a new dashcam is not easy however you will enjoy the time you’ll spend to fit the camera and wire everything. It’s not easy and it took me more than 3 hours, however it was a nice challenge. I fully enjoyed and learned a few things about the car.
I learned that if I have to change the fuses it will be a very unfortunate day for me, haha.

After a few days of using it I can say I am happy with what I bought.
Check out the follow up with some more video samples:

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You guys enjoy the video and if you want to install it by yourself and have any questions feel free to ask US!

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Lea says:

My MicroUSB doesn't fit? Or is it supposed to not be put all the way in?

Edited: meant micro sd

Ian Smith says:

Where did you hide all the excess wire from the rear dashcam?

Ian Smith says:

Where did you hide all the extra wire from the rear dashcam as you didn’t show us that?

Mr The O Mighty 1 says:

I have just purchased this same camera and I’ve watched your great video. Can I ask how did you actually hard wire it in ? As I’d prefer to have it hard wired in that way it will free up my cigarette port .

Jodie Cuoco says:

Hi! Where did you buy the suction mount please?

Hishar Hassan says:

Can I know to which fuse number did you connected your hardwire. Apparently, I have the same car model as yours. Kindly advise. Thanks

Wanda Fishy says:

Brilliant video SEPA, thank you. Just a small Q, how the heck does one remove the dashcam from the mount once its fitted in the car? It must be possible as it can be connected to PC, but I can't manage it, can't see it mentioned in the manual, but it must be possible, help!

Anon says:

Nice video , comprehensive, easy to follow and not full.of boring talk , thanks

Максим Астахов says:

GREAT DEAL Very nice!

mfyz says:

One question, don't we need to connect the hardware kit to a permanent live fuse for the parking mode to work? Help please! I'm getting mine fitted next week

Chi Chin says:

Do the rear view camera need any other electricity source?

Sunshine Baby says:

For some reason I can’t get videos send to my phone app?

Nodak81 says:

I really wish cars would start offering both USB pass-throughs and a couple USB power ports up near the rear-view mirror. It would make mounting stuff like this so much easier. I'm considering getting the same kit since it's on sale right now. I'm not sure about the separate rear-view camera though, I open and close my hatch a dozen times a day. Not sure that magnet mount would hold up. Thanks for the video!

Tayla Burgess says:

Great video thank you

daniel ebrahim says:

Does it have an in-built battery? Say your car is parked off the road and someone hits it, will it turn on, and does that apply for the rear cam too?

Robert Jakicic says:

For a little over a year I have the rexing v1p dash cam and it is hardwire the biggest problem I am having with this dash cam is it's inability to connect or stay connected to wifi for the rexing app. Without this connection to the app to see my videos my dash cam is useless. So I am strongly considering on purchasing the Nextbase 522 and since you have own this camera for over a year do you have any issues with wifi connections?

4760147 says:

Can you please show me how to fit the rear window camera to a Ford Ranger with a canopy fitted with the 6.5 meter cable

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