How to replace intake manifold gasket – 1.0 – Aygo, C1, Peugeot 107, Yaris, Sirion

How to replace intake manifold gasket – 1.0 – Aygo, C1, Peugeot 107, Yaris, Sirion

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fuma87 says:

Great Video!
My starter looks oily, can that oil also be from the intake gasket?

Gordon Millar says:

All these videos are mighty! Thanks for taking the time to record them. I wonder if this manifold gasket leek could cause the engine to start and then cut out after 2 seconds, sometimes?

Simon Kvist says:

Thanks a lot! Just did this on my girlfriends 107. Took 2 hours, and i'm not even good with my hands/cars.

Mazdadriver says:

Is the Dirt inside the cylinder Head at around 5:20 coming from the intake manifold gasket or EGR valve? My C1 looks exactly Like that wondering if its a normal Thing or bad for the engine.
Very helpful Video btw thanks a Lot!

Salamandertje says:

Can somebody explain me why he is changing this gasket

mike allan says:

Is this intake manifold variable??

mike allan says:

Were the oil is coming from to the intake manifold?? Its strange…

EX GLM 5983 everts says:

Fuck,,, i hate it that the c1 aygo and 208 are not an injection engin

sheller94 says:

Cracking video….very straight forward no nonsense tutorial !!

superelectic45 says:

I would have been tempted to replace the throttle body gasket too.

Peter Disley says:

Very clear and concise strip, replace and rebuild. If i may just add a very small positive comment to Disconnect the Positive battery lead(make a note of radio code) and place bungs in any orifice that leads directly into the engines bowls. Great video. Peter Disley

Lee James Hunter says:

Will this be the reason I have a loud sucking/vacuum sound coming from the left hand side rear of the engine that I can't pinpoint? On idle/tickover. It's still running fine but you can hear the vacuum for about 4 seconds after the engine is turned off. I've checked all hoses & connectors & its not them.

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