How to replace engine gearbox mount in 1.6HDi Peugeot Partner (or Citroen Berlingo 2001-2010)

How to replace engine gearbox mount in 1.6HDi Peugeot Partner (or Citroen Berlingo 2001-2010)

If you car vibrates at idle or through certain rpm, engine mounts might have perished. Here is how to replace the engine gearbox mount.

This video is how to replace the engine gearbox mount (nearside or N/S or the one closest to the curb or left-hand side) in a 1.6HDi Peugeot Partner (2007; 90bhp; 66kW; 9HXC engine; ~100,000 miles or ~161,000 km), same as a Citroen Berlingo. The engine gearbox mount is underneath the battery. The mount is held by 1 main bolt and 2 bracket support bolts. The main bolt torque setting is 50±5Nm and the two support bolts 19Nm. Support the gearbox with a jack and a piece of wood.

My car was shaking or vibrating through all gears at ~1300-1500 rpm. After replacing the gearbox mount the vibration did not disappear. I will be replacing the engine mount on the right-hand side or offside (O/S) pretty soon.

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Richard Richard says:

The 2.0 HDI engine also vibrates. I'm going to replace the silenblock.

Don Jamieson says:

thank you just about to do both mounts

Wim G says:

Thank you once more. (no need for this here atm but so nice to know its there!) Awesome.

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