How to Change Replace Wiper Arm Peugeot 206

How to Change Replace Wiper Arm Peugeot 206

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beboploo says:

music's fucking awful mate

Roxburry says:

great removal video thanks! Wonder if this is the same system for my cc

Jono Gogo says:

Hello, a useful video you did. You have experience with these model cars, I followed everything you showed … but how to get the whole system out? the car righ hand drive peugeot 206 …'s raining for five days and I'm driving without wiper, but I love that car, some ideas please.

Andy Jackson says:

No editing, and half a job. Appreciate you trying but this is a waste of time.

Video Games Are Not Real says:

What song is this? Shazam was unable to find it.

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